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Published: 20 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

On summer 2017 I Started vulenteering for this local “Christian” Outreach, at the same time I was going to college at that time,. years later the store manager offerd me a part time job as a cashier. Few months later the owners of the store decite to let the store manager go and they promoted me to the store manager. few months later I found out this people where hiring and firing people and dont pay them,when they did it to me I took them to court, judge grant me the care but this people still refused to pay my wages. when I went to city to file and put line against them, i enter their name on the ccoutr coputer there was a long list that was againts them. theses people call their sself christians, but in realety they are nothing but bunch of crucks and theifs, who uses Christ name to still from others, just google their name and you see it for your self, or you can just open this link The “Christ Team” – Discussion on Topix Investigative report : Reggie Killough’s Christ Team, Inc. (God’s Country Free Clinics, Inc.), Marion, North Carolina :: State Publications

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