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Ayahuasca, LSD and Cannabis Parties, Transformational Breathwork, Helping Criminals, Posting Homosexual Peodophile Slander, Death Threats

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Published: 15 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymously

Johannes Maasland of Christaland Lagos thought mocking witnesses in police investigatons as a homosexual pedophile or a sick, mentally deranged arsonist whilst threatening to break his legs on ayahuasca and weed was funny, but then stopped laughing when he and a Daniela Markert was told to expect prison for trafficking in big sacks of weed and Policia Judiciaria started arresting people in Lagos for trafficking in ayahuasca.

Dani Mar stopped laughing when various websites tracked IP addresses and she stopped laughing when threatening people with being denounced as homosexual pedophiles went bad.

Dani Mar stopped laughing when she realized her Facebook told the police where to go next to find ayahuasca in the Algarve, 8 people were arrested including 2 in Aljezur, 4 in Faro and 2 in Lagos. Police found bottles of ayahuasca, LSD, hashish and in another instance one person was found with 70 litres of ayahuasca and 240 doses of hashish, then the police found 900 individual doses of liamba, 1, 800 doses of hashish, 3, 650 doses of MDMA, 75 doses of cocaine, and 1, 100 doses of amphetamines were seized in total, along with 1, 216 ecstasy tablets, 801 LSD ‘micro-stamps’, 26 bottles of liquid LSD, 40 LSD-impregnated chewing gums, 216 grams of hallucinogenic mushrooms, 492 grams of DMT-impregnated plant substances, 130 grams Ketamine, 77 grams of opium, and 47 mescaline micropoints.

Police planted trackers on Daniela Markert and Johannes Maasland to arrest people for ayahuasca, LSD and for cannabis farming. They decided to stop threatening people with murder and violence, and making fun of them as sick retards, deranged idiots and pedofiles.

That was after more than 400 (four hundred) of their friends involved in ayahuasca were arrested and/or investigated over 3 years and 351 police reports were filed on Daniela Markert and Johannes Maasland.

Breath and Sound stopped laughing when the GNR police turned up at the houses of several witnesses summoning them to give evidence in criminal cases involving sacks of cannabis, LSD and intimidating witnesses.

Daniela Markert and Johannes Maasland stopped laughing when their plan to threaten witnesses in ayahuasca judicial hearings went bad. They and indeed their friends were caught out mocking witnesses as homosexual pedofiles, spastics, retards, deranged idiots and rapists of little boys.

After the police took their weed away in 2016, the Policia Judiciaria went to one place after another and their friends were arrested for trafficking ayahuasca.  Cristaland stopped laughing when their reputation was ruined for hiding criminals under different names.

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