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Christensen Cavaliers

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Published: 01 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I contacted Jenica Christensen from Christensen Cavaliers about a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy. I was told she had over 10 people on her waiting list but only one litter of puppies due in the spring (which was around 5 months away). She said I would have to leave a $500 deposit through Paypal on Friends and Family to hold a place on the waiting list once the dogs were bred. She was confirming pregnancy herself and not by a Vet. I don’t have a problem with her confirming pregnancy herself, but when she is asking me to send her $500 with absolutely no proof that her dog is even pregnant, that I have a problem with! She was very pushy and told me I would have 24 hours to send her $500 as friends and family on Paypal once she confirmed her dog was pregnant (herself). When I expressed my concern, she immediately said she had two litters upcoming litters. She said she is taking 4 deposits of $500 each before the puppies are born (and when she in reality has no idea if the dog is even pregnant since I am assuming this lady is not a Vet). She said she would have two litters (one right after the other) and if she couldn’t fill her wait list she would transfer the deposits over to her friend Whitehall Cavaliers, who was a big breeder and had a lot of puppies. | Jenica Christensen from Christensen Cavaliers in Auburn, California 95603 is running a scam in that she is taking deposits by Friends and Family through PayPal so there is no buyer recourse, and is doing this before the puppies are even born and without any proof that her dog is even pregnant. There is no way a little dog could have over 10 puppies in one litter and even if she did have 2 upcoming litters, there still likely wouldn’t be 10 puppies between those two and it wouldn’t be possible to have pups in the exact color and gender everyone wants. I talked to other breeders north of Christensen Cavaliers and people are saying that Christensen Cavaliers was taking deposits and not returning them (and not providing puppies) and that JaLayne Grow from Whitehall Cavaliers has hundreds of puppies she’s producing and that she is not giving proper Veterinary care to her adult dogs. | The whole thing is sketchy and it seems both of these ladies are working together collecting deposits and running a puppy mill. And you may or may not even get your puppy if you leave Cavalier breeder Jenica Christensen a deposit. | Who takes deposits before puppies are even born? You don’t even know if your dog is pregnant unless you take it to your Vet first (and even with that you won’t know the exact number of puppies or color or anything else) and you are asking me to send you $500 on Paypal using Friends and Family? Really? | These people are advertising on the AKC marketplace website. Another breeder told me that two sets of papers and $25 gets you an ad, so clearly not everyone advertising there is reputable. | One breeder I talked to also said that both Whitehall Cavaliers and Christensen Cavaliers are taking deposits and still not providing some of the people who left deposits with a puppy and simply not responding and just keeping their deposits! She said dozens of people have contacted her about them and they are running a sketchy operation. Whitehall Cavaliers is leaving their dogs with other people and only bringing the parents to their house so they can show you the parents on site, but the rest of the dogs they own and breed are not living there so no one really knows what they’re doing, but it’s obvious they have a ton of dogs and I was straight up asked for $500 bucks by Christensen Cavaliers. | I contacted Christensen Cavaliers myself since we were searching for a puppy for our family and she directly asked me for $500 to be sent Friends and Family through PayPal with ZERO proof that her dog was even confirmed to be pregnant! I’m upset about this and the fact that I could have been SCAMMED. Both Christensen Cavaliers and Whitehall Cavaliers are a breeder of Cavaliers King Charles Spaniels. | I’ve attached the links to both of these breeder’s Facebook and AKC Marketplace pages. If you are looking for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel please do not send either of these people any money! I’ve attached their contact info and ad info below to alert others of this. | Jenica Christensen is located in Auburn, California 95603 and this is her phone number (916) 770-5067 | | | [email& 160;protected] | | The other breeder who is working with Christensen Cavaliers is Whitehall Cavaliers who everyone has been saying is a puppy mill. I found their contact info and email addresses from their ads and from their contact info on their facebook pages. | JaLayne Grow from Folsom, California, 95630 | | (916) 724-9607 | | [email& 160;protected]

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