Christian Brothers AC, Plumbing & Electrical

Christian Brothers AC, Plumbing & Electrical

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Published: 29 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

On Aug. 29 of 2017 Christian Brothers was called to my mother’s, 40 year old, mobile home, in Glendale, because air kept blowing from the vent. After given 3 Options….Least costly repair: clean drain line and replace blower motor $526. Next would be the same as the first plus replace a 240 volt transformer $1,109. Mostly costly is to replace air and heating units for new $8,415. The last choice would be to do nothing. The salesman told my mom that R22 was being phased out…… She told him to go ahead and replace everything. | CB would like others to think they showed great care with my mother by explaining the situation to her several times and asking if she needed help making this decision or should they call one of her children about this matter. She said no. I did have financial POA for her at this time. I don’t believe CB would go through this kind of questioning because I would come across as “normal”. This is only the beginning of the horror story. | Mom had just bought a new heating and coil unit on 7-21-2010 making it only 7 years old and an air conditioner on 3-23-2015 making it only 2 1/2 years old and still under warrenty. My mother had no rememberence of when she purchased these last two units. Christian Brothers new what they were doing because everything is date stamped and they would of known the ages of these units. To make matters worse they showed her a multi page, small printed loan document from Synchrony Financial, that would allow her to pay $106. a month at 9.99% interest. She would end up paying a total of $14,078. and would have to live to be 101 years of age before it would be paid off. Christian Brothers received a kick back from Synchrony. | On Aug.31, 2017 these new units were installed. Late in the day my sister and I show up to visit mom. She lives 20 miles from us. She tells us of this new purchase and the price then adds, “I just have to pay CB a $106. dollars a month.” After inquiring as to where the papers were, I find the loan papers and ask mom about them. She vehemently says she signed no such loan papers. It was also in this drawer that I found the receipts of the 2 previosly purchased units and how new they were! | I sent CB and Synchrony a copy of a Neurology report and the receipts of the purchases of the 7 and 2 1/2 year old units. Even when presented with these items they were standing by what they had done. I emailed CB my POA for my mom and said I don’t want you or anyone involved with your company to talk with my mom unless I have given my permission and know what is happening. They honorerd my POA. They did call me and ask if their service man could go over and show my mom how to operate the new themostat again? I said ok. He made two other trips to explain and leave her notes and still had to replace it because my mom could not understand the workings of a digital one. This is elder abuse of the worse kind. My mom had been living with me from Feb 2018, then in a care facility, and most recently transferred into a memory care unit. This whole thing just sickens me. Who’s next?

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