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Published: 06 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

This “Christian” company sells worthless pre-purchase inspections. I had a relative tell me before that they overcharge and tell you that you need a repair you don’t need, but I thought it would be harmless to get a pre-purchase inspection from them. First of all, they should tell you in the beginning that their pre-purchase inspection is VERY limited. I didn’t find out until I requested their check sheet that they only do a visual inspection. The person at the counter will just try to hand you a typed out report of what they found. I made sure I got a copy of the inspection form they fill out. In their visual inspection, they mostly check things that repair places check for free with $40 oil changes. I paid $94 for this nonsense! They look at your instrument panel to see if there are any warning lights or notifications. Um, anyone can do that. They check your filters, tires, brake pads, and other parts of the wheel assembly. Again, I get this service for free when I receive oil changes. They check your fluids such as brake, transmission, and power steering fluids. Again, this is a service I receive for free with oil changes. They do a visual inspection under the hood, but they do not scan your computer for any codes. This is basically a check to see if the car is up to date on maintenance; it is not enough to find most major mechanical failures. Unlike a well-known pre-purchase inspection company in the area (I should have just waited for them to have an open time slot), they do not do a test drive. Because they did not do a test drive, they did not notice that my car was driving irregularly. I’m not a mechanic, but I knew that something was not right. On my OWN intuition, I decided to report to the dealer what I was experiencing. Christian Brothers Automotive only found dirty fluids and a leaking power steering hose. These are relatively inexpensive fixes. When the dealer checked out my car, they found something wrong with the intermodal switch in the transmission. They had to send it out to a transmission shop for the transmission to be rebuilt. THIS is an expensive and rather noticeable repair that Christian Brothers Automotive missed. If I had relied on their superficial inspection of my vehicle, I would have been out a lot of money because I would have probably experienced a full transmission failure after the 30 day warranty. The first time I sent them a complaint, no one responded. If they are REALLY a Christian company, which I highly doubt, they would grant me a refund for their worthless inspection.

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