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Christian Brothers Plumbing, Air Conditioning, And Electrical Review

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Published: 23 September 2019

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Recently we had our AC go out on us in July. We called several places most of which were booked out but finally we reached Christian Brothers. The lady was able to get a tech out to us immediately. At 1st glance this man was the prototype of what looked to be an honest service man. He was clean cut, shirt tucked in and well spoken. We were at his mercy. After taking some time to diagnose he came in with three options. One to change out the motor with service agreement, 2 same as the first except also replace a voltage regulator which I was told was needed or the Fan motor would burn out, and three the same as the first 2 but added a better service agreement and 2 pounds of refrigerant. This guy was slick I told him no service agreement but go ahead and replace the voltage regulator and the fan motor. The volt regulator would be $330 and the Fan Motor would be $968. He ended up telling me that he was going to throw in the service agreement. I said fine what ever. Attached you will see 3 invoices. The most important ones are the second and the 3rd. On the second, you will see allot of scribble but look at the standard rate column and you will see I am being charge for the service agreement and the motor and $0 for the voltage regulator. Total was supposed to be after a coupon and a reverse on the service charge $1264.63. Remember that is supposed to be for the regulator and the motor. Now enter invoice 3 which is signed by my wife when the work was being done while I was gone. Suddenly the price jumped up to $1295 which also shows it being only the fan motor being replaced for $1295. Notice all invoices are different numbers. One service call, 3 invoice numbers why? I called up to ask for copies and a very sweet lady photo copied all 3 invoices and sent them to me. It gets better, I had a company clean my vents just days after the repair and they found wires sticking out of the top of the grill where the fan motor was installed. The guy didn’t even have the decency to tuck the wires into a pocket somewhere inside the unit. I sent the pictures to C bros manager who said for the inconvenience he would have him install a factory motor. The guy came back installed an oem supposedly and left. I was just glad to be done with it A few months later I receive a call, from C bros to come and look over my unit to make sure everything is working properly. I had forgot that they gave me the service plan. The guy comes and of course several things need to be done. Whatever, he leaves and a few nights later we turn on our heat for the first time because it was 40 degrees outside and we have a baby. Oddly the heat does not come on. I felt sick knowing that Chrisitan Brothers just came and looked at my unit. I was not about to call the Cbros again so I call another repair man that we used recently to fill our refrigerant. He comes out and says the motor installed was not an oem. He said this system does not have a voltage regulator but he did notice 2 wires had been unplugged from the compressor and that our run capacitor had gone bad probably because whoever unplugged the wires caused the capacitor to over heat and go bad. Funny thing is other AC guy only charged us $295 to replace the capcitor fill 1 pound of refriderent and added dye to detech the leak. plugged the wires back in and wallah we have heat. .

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