Christian Brothers Plumbing

Christian Brothers Plumbing

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Published: 01 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

On 12/28/15 I had Chuck Wansing come out for an estimate on a broken Price PFisher shower handle. The fix would require the replacement parts of the valve box, sprout, trim and shower head. I made it very clear to plumber, Mr. Chuck Wansing that I was not interested in any other package deals that he was trying to sell. I am ONLY interested in getting the current issue fix. Mr. Wansing gave me an estimate for this repair as $1193.00. I immediately called Beebe Plumbing who said that he expected a call back from me once I told him that “Christian” Brother was given me an estimate. Today I had my plumbing issue (same repairs that was given to me by Christian Brother which required going in through the drywall to replace the whole valve assembly) resolved for $436.37. What a different. I am never surprise when people call themselves “christians”. These are some of the same people who probably slamming their doors on people who try to talk with them about the bible. There are two kinds of people in the world; those who are part of the problem and those who are part of the solution. We both know what side “Christian” Brothers are on. Oh when I told Chuck that price was outrages for just the repairs along, he stated “Don’t blame me, I just go by what the books tell me”. Well someone has “cooked” the books. Oh! after filing a complain on the Christian Brothers web page. I received a call from someone at Christian Brothers who wanted to tell me that was a fair market price that was given to me since they are a “big company that charges flat rates”. LOL… I don’t need to tell you what my response to that was.

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