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Published: 13 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Please give us another relaible Bible Discussion Forum, apart from these two. Where one you have already banned, and presently we are unable to continue with. While the other i am reporting against, where i am banned ‘indefinitely’, is similar in action as a group of ‘Christian bullies’, from the certain favored ‘senior members’ to the ‘administator’. They have no loyality nor dignity nor respect to the HOLY BIBLE Scripture for doctrine that we have been ‘gifted’ with to ‘testify’ against their ‘false interpretations’ and ‘falsehood’. The ‘moderators’ do not intervene for the truth and right reasons, but merely frequently for ‘personal attacks/insults’. Not investigating thoroughly by truth or by person, where did it escalate from. They are treating and behaving in the Bible Discussion Forum as their fun and social cafe, as quoted by one of them and inviting others to follow him. Similar gifted to the All Scripture = HOLY BIBLE for doctrine, man of GOD shuold be sent to investigate these ‘forums’, for the sake of GOD through CHRIST’s lambs and sheep, who are supposedly there to be ‘buit up’, and one another. Apart from these ‘bullies’ who are there and an hindrence to every good works. Even the unbelievers there who ‘witness’, take the upper hand to ‘mock’ and scoff’ our Scripture and faith. For one example, what ‘looney toons’ is happening in these forums is, that one Biblical ‘topic’ will escalate to thousands and thousans of posts. Even though when the ‘conclusion’ is already made Scripturally. In them, there are heated ‘debates’, ‘arguments’, ‘insults’, ‘ridicules’, ‘scoffing’ and ‘mocking’ the Scriptures, their doctrines or one another, all due to one’s opinion and reasoning over and over again, among many. And ‘moderator’ only steps in based on personal insults/attacks among them, and not for the Scriptures, where the Scripture and doctrine are ‘twisted’ and ‘distorted’, in order to ‘suit’ individual’s faith, according to their individual denominations ‘dogma’ in represental. Therefore within there is already a ‘divided’ church, and how can they ever get along or unite, whem they ‘bite’ and ‘devour’ each other over ‘one topic’ to begin with. Scripturally and spiritually i prophesy that universally the mainline churches have made GOD’s house, beginning with their own bodies, a ‘marketplace’ and a ‘den’, where robbers and thieves hide. That is why in the Bible Discussion Forums majoritively, as JESUS said, “You will recognize them by their fruits.” Thereofore we are able to witness all the various denominational fruits from individuals trees, fighting out each other, while the ‘one tree’, the All Scripture = HOLY BIBLE Scripture for doctrine, and it’s ‘fruits’, profited from them for every good works, are defending, using Scriptural words in rebuking and correcting their ‘flaw’, and even one’s flasehood ‘behavior’. i confess in my strife with them, sucked in prior to the denial of the plain Scripture for doctrine have been verified in debates, i have outside the Biblie Scriptural words, i have used, ‘clowns’ and ‘jokers’ on them. i apologize that, “i am sorry.” Other than that, GOD speed and thank you, and may GOD the FATHER of our LORD JESUS CHRIST help and bless your every good works, defendng us, our All Scripture = HOLY BIBLE and our faith. fred06

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