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Published: 19 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Please stay away from this false scammer turned swimming pool repair man that is not cpo certifeid nor cpc licensed nor insured! i found his ad on craigslist orlando and fell for his dirt cheap prices to drain and clean my swimming pool and swap out my pool pump. after christian ducos drained my pool it lift and cracked in half and to make maters worst he wired the pool pump wrong and burned my panel box. Later to find out he broke the law by doing both jobs not having a contractors license like florida states! dont use this rip off scam artist con man. I should have known better when i saw them dressed like hoodlums two males looked like he came off the streets! I bet they are running from the law as they dont even have a leggit company name . when i asked they gave me a few diffrent ones like happy pools, and aquatic solutions, ets dont fall for it I have contacted the proper authorities to bring them to justice! contact numbers are 4072597577 and 4076801282 and 4076028055

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