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Published: 22 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I cannot believe the number of good reviews that some have provided for Christina Taejin Pendleton, an attorney practicing in Richmond, Virginia. I find it unbelieveable that only one former client had a bad experience with this person, particularily given the recent disturbing contact that I had with this attorney. This ugly, dog-faced woman is a bully and hides behind the color of the law in order to exercise perceived power over others. Christina has a God-like complex which leads her to believe that she is above and beyond reproach and resorted to harassment and cyber-bullying when I challenged her. Although Christinia and I have never met, she accused me of having an inability to effectively deal with people, but went on a stark-raving lunatic tyraid when I called her a moron who is too mentally ill to practice law. Dimenished mental capacity is grounds for disbarment in most states and Christina should not be practicing law. In fact, she should be committed to a mental health facility after a careful mental health evaluation. The fact that my contact with Christina took place online makes things even worse for her. I was a complete stranger who posted a legal question to which she responded with ridiculing, chastisement, and hostility. She also made assumptions about a situation of which she had no knowledge, as well as personally attacked my character. I asked her to cease and desist from contacting me, yet the crazy, sick, moronish comments continued, until I threatened to file a state bar complaint. I am still filing a complaint since I believe that Christina is a sick and dangerous menace to society whose behavior falls outside the confines of the law. I wouldn’t expect much more from someone who graduated from a tier three law school (North Carolina Central University) where ethics was not a required course. In fact, the average LSAT score for this law school is 145 and it has an acceptance rate of 47.2%. Yale Law School’s acceptance rate is 9%. I hope that this comparison puts things in perspective. Christina is a dummy!, and idiot and a moron who could not get into law school anywhere else. I would not trust this woman to pick up my dog’s poop for fear that she may throw it at someone during a fit of anger. Christina Pendleton is very easily provoked and has trouble controlling her emotions and impulses. This will be her downfall. As I write this review, she is stalking me online after repeated warnings to stop contacting me. Cyberstalking is a crime in Virginia too and Christina will know it soon. If you must conduct any form of business with this disburbed girl because she is the cheapest lawyer in town, beware and proceed with caution. Christina is a very sick individual who has no problem threatening the life of others because she thinks that she is immune from the law. Christina Pendleton is not only unattractive, however her mental problems and antisocial, sociopathic behavior makes her look like the bride of Chucky, according to my teenage daughter. I have to agree.

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