Christine Altrock, DDS. and Brian Fabb, DDS

Would recommend you all to stay as far away from these doctors as humanly possible.

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Published: 16 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Usually, when we see a team of two or more experienced and well-reviewed doctors, we do not hesitate to get treatment from them. It instills a feeling of faith when we see such doctors teamed-up for the good of the patients. It is only after we have had ourselves treated by them that we get to know what kind of doctors they really are. Recently, I started experiencing pain in my teeth and it made even chewing food difficult for me. I could not even sleep properly as the pain kept me up at nights. I started to look for prolific doctors to get my teeth checked as soon as possible. After searching for some time, I came across the names of Dr. Christine Altrock and Dr. Brian Fabb. I decided to delay the inevitable checkup no further and go to them.
I scheduled an appointment and went to the clinic approximately thirty-five minutes before the scheduled time. I was told to wait as the doctor were not ready to see patients yet. Soon, I was called into the doctors’ cabin. While I shared my problems, both of them were busy going through their phones. I had to increase my voice intentionally to have their undivided attention. They took an X-Ray and told me that there is a cavity and it would need to fill as soon as possible. They prescribed me some medicines and told me to come after a week.
The pain did not seem to be lessened even after having the prescribed medicines. I tried calling both the doctors but they did not pick up my call. I suffered for another week and went to the clinic to get my cavity filled by those unprofessional doctors. Even after arriving before the scheduled time, I had to wait an extra hour so that they could get prepared for the procedure. I was called in and the procedure started. Dr. Christine gave me anesthesia and then she drilled into the decayed teeth using an electronic driller. In her hurry, she sliced a part of my lower gum and despite the anesthesia, I could feel the blood oozing out. After this, the cleaning was done by Dr. Brian and he too hurt the gum which had been sliced open by Dr. Christine. I endured the pain with all the strength I had. After that, it was time to fill in the cavity and started arguing over who would do it better. I couldn’t believe how two seemingly professional doctors could be arguing while a patient was undergoing a procedure. Dr. Christine won the argument and she filled up the cavity with glass ionomer fillings. After the foiling was done, the tooth was dressed by Dr. Brian. He did not do a very good job as it hurt like hell while he was doing it. After the procedure was over, I thanked God for saving my life and rushed out of there without even waiting in the recovery room.
All I would like to say is that Dr, Christine Altrock and Dr. Brian Fabb are the most unprofessional set of dentists one could ever go to. They do not seem to care about their patients even when their patient is undergoing a complex procedure.

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