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Published: 25 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

One week ago, i was at a Republican event with my best friend and his wife. Christine Decorte came over, uninvited and decided to start shooting her mouth off telling her that my best friend was full of s*** and not to trust him. I have seen her at many Republican events before, but Christine Decorte only attends the one that are free. Christine Decorte also always has a glass of wine in her hand and drinks from start to finish at these events. Christine Decorte then proceeded to come back to my best friends table every 10 minutes, drunk out of her mind and repeat her vindictive statements. Noone listned to her and she made a fool out of herself. When i asked my friend what this was about, hr said she was a former associate of his firm who he had let go several yrars ago. He told me not to take any action like this against her, but her actions were so vinidictive i decided to do it anywway. My friend has also provided me with a tape recorded bya securites company that clearly shows Decorte impersonating a Janet Miller for the puropose of movng the money of an 85-year old blind lady. I will be uploading this to You Tube shortly so her further vindictive actions are exposed. If this woman asks you to buy insurance, you should refuse. She works out of her house, which has been in and out of foreclosure and the only think she is determined to do is to destroyy my best friend. After she got done trashing him to me, michael McDonal, another friend of mine who also paid her no attention, she then turned to my friends wife and told her, you are in big trouble with hm. WhoeverChristine Decorte thinks she is, she should realize that noone in the republican party respects her as she holds no events, contributes no money and just shows up at free eventw to get drunk. You will also never see her with her husband, more on that in a future post, but in the meantime, do not do business with this vindictive individual as all she carss about is making a high commisoon. You have been warned.

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