Christine Gigante

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Christine Gigante, greedy waitress hungry for money and sex

Christine prey’s on men. Married men are mostly her targets. She is a waitress is a cafe, nothing big has she ever done with her life and now all she wants to do is lure other men, that is all she is capable of. Pathetic female.
So my husband and I had been facing some martial problems, and he used to go to this particular cafe for breakfast where this one started working. This waitress knew how to go her way about, wearing deep cut necks and bending down infront of men, everyone knew what she wanted.
She tried to get men onto herself so that they could pay her bills, coz well that is what she mostly wanted. She had an affair with my husband, when I caught him and confronted him, he confessed. I would deal later with him, but first I had to deal with her, coz she tried to sleep with my husband. This female used to text dirty things to him, and also told my husband she loves him and what beautiful babies they would make, gosh!
She is sick to the core, she was also caught for raising someone else’s child as her own, as she showed so that she could get some welfare money for the child. She is fraud, she dropped my husband too after she got all the cash she wanted.
All you ladies out there, please keep this greedy female away from your husbands, she can ruin your marriage. Trust me!

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