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Wrong information, wrong size, color code mentioned in product and the list is too long to explain.

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Published: 29 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

My children almost forced me this christmas to buy the products and get the home decorated from them. And to get them happy, i agreed and spent a huge amount of my money in decoration. The quality of the products received is of worst quality. This is basically a review guide site where the product reviews are been mentioned. And trust me i think that all the shop keepers have paid them to write these amazing reviews for the products that were not been sold in last two christmas and these idiot had wrote a perfectly sellable review so that things can be sold out.
I sometime think how people can be so ruthless to write such good reviews for the pathetic products like this.
There were many things that i had to repurchase as i cannot see my children unhappy in christmas eve. I wasted a hell lot of my money to get the things sorted out after getting those bad products delivered in my door steps.
Mind my words and pin this website for next christmas and “not” to buy products from their links mentioned in the website. Else there is not end of crying and losing money

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