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Published: 06 July 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

Chris tried to purchase a vehicle of mine. He that his vehicle was in his girlfriends name, and she left him and took the vehicle. He persistantly asked me to put him on a payment plan, as he had several big contracts coming up and he could easily pay me back, staing that if he didnt get a vehicle soon he could loose his livelyhood (he states he’s the owner of a commercial framer/construcion business). I was uncomfortable with this but finally agreed to a payment plan if he could pay some cash up front. When it came time to make the transaction, I asked for his address and driver’s license. He could not provide a drivers license , stating he had lost it. He could only provide me a yemp license that was dated (6) months priior. Through normal conversation he made several claims that lead me onto the fact that this guy was trying to pull a fast one on me. lying about the name of his girlfrind, stating that he had several large business ventures in the works, stating that he was approved for a new truck, but didnt want the payments, etc. A quick background check pulled up financial fraud, a civil judgment, as well as other claims on this site. he claimed his “accountant” and his “receptionist” would be issueing me checks, he even showed me a bank statement showing he had made a deposit but it was on “hold” at the bank. This guy was all “Mr nice guy, need a little leg up is all”. right up until I wouldnt budge on the cash down payment, then he started swearing at me, calling me obscene names, and lunged at me as though he was going to throw a punch (he did not throw any punches). He was very threatening. after the initial altercation, he tried to smooth things out (acting Mr nice guy again). He continued to persist that I make an exception, that “he’d never screw me over”. I finally just told him no deal, this is when he got really nasty (via text message) and started callin me a b****, F**, and threatened me “to do something about it”. This was the last interaction I’ve had with him as of this report. BE VERY CAREFUL, this guy is good at pulling on heart strings. I’m a smart guy, and he had me feeling bad for him. Please pay the $10-20 to do a background check before you deal with this guy, you will not be sorry if you don’t.

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