Chrome Masters Rims Lowrider Magazine

Chrome Masters Rims Lowrider Magazine

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Published: 24 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

CROME MASTERS WILL BEND YOU OVER BACKWARDS AND STICK IT IN EVERY PLACE THEY CAN, CHECK OUT MY STORY ABOUT THEM .THIS IS NOT A LIE OR MAID UP IN ANY WAY THIS REALLY HAPPEND TO ME . Wat up every one I bought a set of 4 divici 24 inch rims with tires and blue inserts for a total of $3,600.00. They told me that they would arrive in about a week with the tires already on them aired up and ready to go with drilled holes ready to fit on my 1972 Chevy chevelle.But two weeks later they never came so i called them and they cooked up a new story EVERY DAY! They even told me that they moved the warehouse to a different town. So After threatening them (legally) and calling 24/7 about my rims they finally send them to me 6 months later.UPS arrived at my door and i was so happy that i FINALLY GOT THEM. I rushed to open the brown boxes they were in . with excitement and the most joy i have had i all my life. I felt like i was in heaven and about to show them off to this really hot Blondie Blondie and a dime piece i just met.So with intent in my heart i ripped the first box open then the second then the third then the fourth. I said to my self “what the FU*# IS THIS s**+*%” Every good feeling i had just turned to hate and anger and violence. I had to blow off some steam so i went to my Nintendo wii and Knocked out people left and right with jabs ,uppercuts and hooks on wii sports. I couldn’t sleep all night thinking about my baby d,vici rims.The next day i called them and asked “WHY DID YOU GUYS SEND ME THE WRONG COLLOR INSERTS WITH NO TIRES” so they replied “YOU ONLY ORDERED RIMS WIT NO TIRES”.Now i was in a rage i started to squeeze my phone as hard as i could thinking it was his head i smashed it into a million pieces and started punching holes in the wall. Until this day i still have not received my tires from chrome masters and never got to show them to the hot chic i had met.But don’t worry I’ll get my tires even if i have to take them to JUDGE JUDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Joseg815 rockford, IllinoisU.S.A.

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