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Published: 03 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

6/19/2016 I bought gas at the gas station in question. Filled the tank up. I could hardly get home before my van was cutting out and acting strangly. Got home told my husband, and he drove it, came back and said you have water in your gas. He put in 2 bottles of Heat and drove it around some more. The heat did not work. Within the next couple of days took the van to a garage. He comfirmed there was water in the gas tank. They changed the fuel filter, put new plugs in because they were filed out and put Sea Foam in. Told us to drive it and let the Sea Foam do the work of removing the water. This cost 123.00 dollars. Drove it for a week off and on and each trip got worse. Took it back to the garage and he said he would have to drop the tank, clean the lines, change the filter again and probably the fuel pump if it was damaged from the water. It was all the above, plus ruin the cadilack converter. 900.00 dollars later my van was running good. Just like it did before I bought the gas with the water in it. Now I am more than mad. I call the owner of the gas station and tell him what has taken place and that I want them to reemburse me for the damages. I am told that they have no water in there gas, and that they have gages that warns them if there is any water in there gas and they have read good on that day of the 19th of June. That I am the only one that had complained about getting bad gas and so they were not responsible for my misfortune. I plan on taking them to small claims court over this. But I feel something should happen to them besides just court. A friend of mine said he got gas there a year ago and had the same thing happen to them. So that tells me from time to time they have a problem with there gas and have bothered to do nothing about it. Can you help? B. etchison Bloomington, IllinoisU.S.A.

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