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Published: 28 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I am writing this letter regarding my 2006 Chrysler Jeep Laredo. I purchased this Jeep in March 2006 from Central Avenue Chrysler, Yonkers, NY. At first, I was very pleased with my decision to buy the Jeep as my very first brand new, never used car. As time moved on, I come to learn that this vehicle was malfunctioning. I took the vehicle in to Central Avenue Chrysler Service department to be assessed many times after purchasing it. No one there was able to find out what the problem was. I had left it for many days, and still nothing. The servicemen at the desk, (Particularly John) were not very nice. It seemed as if they were laughing in my face for the many times that I had returned for help with this vehicle. As I grew tired of this, I called Chrysler Corp, only to speak with more angry, unhappy people (representatives John, Josh). As you may see, this had become very frustrating, especially because I had no problem paying for this very expensive vehicle which, to date, still malfunctions, and more now than ever. | This vehicle shuts off as I am driving. The vehicle cannot stop once this happens. It is very dangerous, and I am afraid for my life. The lights begin flashing, and the car just shuts down. I just recently learned that if I get to the side of the road, and turn the ignition, it will start again, but what if I can’t get to the side on a very busy highway? This has been happening since I purchased the vehicle. I have 6 keys to this vehicle. Each time I purchase a new key, it would stop working in a short time. I’ve seen messages on the dashboard which says that the key was not programmed. How does that happen suddenly? | I have reported this to the Attorney General, but at the time, they stated that I hadn’t taken the vehicle in enough times in a row for this particular problem, to claim the Lemon Law. Whenever I took the car in to service, the service department would change the wording on the receipts so that the problem didn’t read the same. I am not a mechanic, I am a nurse, so I can only report it the way I’ve experienced it. | A few years back, Central Avenue Chrysler had changed their management to Jack, who insisted that he could fix the problem. Whatever Jack did, it stopped temporarily, and then began again. Whenever I tried contacting Jack again about the problem, I was told that he was in a meeting, to leave a message and he would get back to me. Unfortunately for me, Jack would never get back to me. | Approximately 1 year ago, I received a recall letter which indicated a P41. I have, on numerous occasions, contacted Central Avenue Chrysler and Chrysler Corporation, to find out when and if the parts have come in for this recall. On 6/27/15 I was told by Marco in the service department At Central Avenue Chrysler that there was no part and there won’t be a fix for this recall, ever. | Over the years, I’ve spoken to the following: | 12/1/2008 – spoke with Ruby who directed me to speak with a senior representative. Ruby gave me a reference 18129951 and stated that I qualified for a buy back, which was filed on this date, 12/1/2008. She then told me that I would receive a call back within 2-4 days and the options of what they were going to do would be presented to me. | I then spoke with Suzie, a senior agent in the escalator department who confirmed all information that Ruby (above) had given to me | 12/8/2008 spoke with representative Chrysler who stated that John from the service department at Central Avenue Chrysler would be calling me back soon (on that day) No one ever called | 12/12/2008 spoke with Cheryl, senior agent | 12/15/2008 spoke with Julius | 5/16/2014 spoke with McKenzie | 6/2015 spoke with Josh, who presented very unpleasant. I hung up to call again | 6/2015 spoke with Dallas, who gave me the information to contact Richard Thornton, Head of Operations | Needless to say, I had become very frustrated with the situation. I felt like I had been taken for a ride and sent into a world-wind holds, I’ll call you backs, and stories about how this could be rectified, but never has as yet. | On 7/27/15, there was a report on all news that there was a buy-back for Chrysler Vehicles because there was no fix for the problems that customers have been reporting. Immediately, I contacted Chrysler Corporation. Operator stated that the number was unavailable at that time. I called back again, only to here from Brian (representative) who stated that the buy-back information is new to them and he has no information. He further stated that someone will call me back. I informed Brian that I was told that there is no fix form my vehicle. He told me that this information was not true and asked for the name of the serviceman who stated that there was no fix. I gave him the name, and he asked me to hold while he called. After holding for 5 minutes, he came back on the line to report that someone will call me when the buy-back information/process is underway. When I asked if he had contacted the service department at Central Avenue Chrysler, he stated that he had not called. I expressed great concern for my life to Brian, who presented insensitive and anxious to get off of the phone at that time. I asked Brian for the phone number to speak with the Head of Operations and he stated that he does not have the information

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