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Published: 26 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Copying most of the text from another similar complaint to highlight the not uniqueness of the issue Ripoff Scams #232681 BLEND AIR DOOR: I am a victim of a commonly occurring, dangerous, and defective ventilation system in a Jeep Grand Cherokee that result in rapid fogging of interior windows, defective defogging, and defective passenger-side heating. The defective part in the Jeep is called a ‘Blend Air Door,’ and if you run a simple Google-like search on the internet, you will be SHOCKED at how common, costly, and dangerous this defect is to Jeep customers. I strongly believe Daimler-Chrysler is neglectful and irresponsible in ignoring all the complaints about this problem, and I am looking to expose this fraud. A little more information about this safety hazard: Jeep Grand Cherokees, model years 2000-2004, have experienced a defect in the valve that controls the ventilation to the front-passenger side of the Jeep. This defect is fairly specific for Jeeps, and seems to occur MOST COMMONLY at 50,000 miles its windows fog up, defogger malfunction, and no heat to the passenger side of the Jeep. Additionally, this defect is costly. It appears that the average cost for this repair is around 1,600, and nearly ALL of this cost is absorbed in labour. Also noteworthy, many Jeep Grand Cherokees are on the road with the defect being undiagnosed, which is just an accident to happen. And conversely, many diagnosed blend air door defects exist in resale Jeeps and are sold to unaware consumers. This is a defect that Daimler-Chrysler will not acknowledge, and it appears that MANY Jeep owners experience this safety hazard. For this reason, Daimler-Chrysler is irresponsible and should be exposed for its negligence. I urge consumers to file complaints and expose this dishonesty of Daimler-Chrysler Corp. In my case, this is one of several problems I have had with this car since I bought from new. With the help of a BBC Consumer Radio Programme I managed to get by with the faults showing up for about two year. Defective gear box changed once, electronics changed several times, steering system changed once, electric mirrors changed several times, and ignition system replaced once. This consumer program has stop broadcasting. When the car was 2 years and 8 months, it started showing signs of the heating not working in the passenger’s side, windows fogging and AC system not working properly. I went to have it repaired under the warranty, I was told that it had been fixed, and that I would notice a bit of difference since they had charged the system with a colorant to check where the licks were, I left it there, after 3 months, the problem got worse, I went to have it fixed and I was then told of the mammoth size of the work to replace the system and the expense of over 1700 or $2,500. I started researching the problem and this is how I found a report on your system. I printed it and have sent it to Chrysler UK. They do not even acknowledge the receipt or my complaint and to make things worse, they charged me over $200 just for diagnosing the problem which I already knew what it was any way. Since the car has become too dangerous to drive since it fogs the front window at the drop of a hat, the car has been seating in my drive for almost a year waiting for a response from Chrysler. Needless to say, they have not come back to me with anything. Jairo High WycombeUnited Kingdom Click here to read other Ripoff Scamss on Chrysler & Chrysler Products

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