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Published: 06 March 2020

Posted by: Cindy Bergoch

15-Jul driving from Milwaukee home to Streetsboro OH, we hydroplaned and went across the turnpike median and back out onto our inside burm. At this time the Temp light flashed on and off quickly. We drove over to the outside berm where we decided to go to the next turnpike exit. After a few miles the engine stopped stalled During this entire time the temp gauge never moved off of center and the temp light only flashed on and off while crossing from inside berm to the outside berm. Called a tow truck which took us to Charlies Jeep Dodge Chrysler dealership in Maumee OH. We called ahead at 5:45 PM. They were closing at 6PM but said to leave the car and put the key in the overnight drop off, which we did. While we waited for the tow we filed a claim with Grange Insurance. We then used Uber to get to the Toledo airport to pick up a rental car as we still had two hours of travel time left to get home. Since we expected the repairs to be completed prior to our vacation we chose a two-way rental – drop off same location as pickup). 16-Jul Keith spoke with Nick in the body shop at Charlie’s Dealership, he indicated they will look over the car, get it on the engine analyzer (since the engine light we lit) and keep in touch 17-Jul Grange explained how the claim process worked and they received the estimate for the repair work from Charlie’s, approved it, and the repair began. The repair estimate (RO #8007248 & #6198262) was to replace the radiator, transmission cooler, front and rear lower bumpers, radiator fan and a wheel alignment. Nothing else was on the estimate regarding the check engine lit. 18-Jul Keith spoke to Nick regarding completion date which was set at July 31. 24-Jul Nick called to say the car was ready early. The body work was completed and radiator replace all per the estimate. He said it had been test drove and it was running great.( mileage in and mileage out was identical) As we didn’t have the claim check from Grange yet, and we were leaving in 2 days for a vacation, we decided to put the total amount of the repair charges on a credit card. We drove the 2 hour and 10 min drive back to Maumee to pick up car and return the rental car to the Toledo airport that night. Unfortunately the car didn’t make it out of the parking lot. The car barely started, and when it did it ran extremely rough. We attempted to drive away but the car lost power as it got close to 20 mph. We returned the car to the same spot we picked it up from and put the key back in the drop box. We then drove the rental 2 hours and 10 mins back home. During the drive we noticed on the repair orders the mileage in and mileage out was exactly the same so we wondered how they could have test drove it. 25-Jul Keith spoke to Nick and described how the car was behaving. They would give it a look over and get back with him. 26-Jul Due to us leaving on vacation this morning we had to return the rental car to the Cleveland Hopkins airport instead of Toledo airport and would incur a 300$ one-way fee which wasn’t covered by insurance. We also received the 2 party insurance claim check prior to our leaving for the airport. 29-Jul Nick contacted Keith and he said issue with the engine was caused by the spark plug covers being cracked (RO #6198412). He said they have seen issues with these and there was a recall to replace them. He was surprised we hadn’t had an issue with them before. And even though it was not related to the accident they would replace them as warranty work. Nick also indicated that the oxygen sensor failed and was being replaced. When Keith asked about compensating us for the extra 4+ hours trip and the hassle it caused they did agree to look into something for us. 2-Aug Nick called to say the car was fixed and had been test driven and was working great. When Keith asked about the compensation he did confirm with his manager that they would offer $150 back from our deductible. 4-Aug Arrived home from vacation at CLE, we got an uber home got Keith ‘s car and then drove the 2 hours and 10 mins to Charlies Dealership to pick up car. The car started okay although we noticed that the air conditioning was blowing hot air. As instructed we placed the counter-signed insurance cheque in the drop box so that they could cash it and refund us the charges to the credit card. After driving for 5 mins the air conditioning started working. After driving for 15 mins the engine Temp light came on. We exited the turnpike and stopped to check it out. Keith discovered that the radiator fans were not operating. He realized that the fuse was blown and swap the powerseat fuse to replace it. The fans immediately began to work and the engine immediately cooled down and the light went out. About 2 miles down the turnpike the Temp light came back on Keith instructed me to turn the heater on full blast and give myself some room in front of the car to get air circulating . After a few miles of this the light went out and the gauge dropped down to 3/4 We decided to continue to drive back home this way as we didn’t want to take it back to Charlies, as we were fed up with them. hours, this kept the Temp gauge at about the 3/4 line and the Temp light off. We wanted to get it closer to home and to a different dealership. I had to drive with the heater running full blast in 85 degree heat for 2 Within 15 mins from the home the Temp gauge came down to about 1/2, the normal position. Once we reached home Keith checked the fans which were working and the temperature was normal. We decided to check it in the morning before I headed off to work. 8/5-8/8 Called Nick at Charlie’s and left messages everyday. No return call. Finally left a message for Kevin and when he finally called back Keith tried to tell him about picking up the car and our trip home, he said he test drove it and it was fine. 5-Aug Keith tried to check the car but it barely started. I took 4 turns of the key before the engine caught, and ran extremely rough. At this time the check engine light was flashing, but the Temp lite was off and gauge was normal. The engine smoothed out after a few minutes. Keith drove the car around the block and it operated normally except for the check engine light being lit. We drove the car to Falls Motor City, Cuyahoga Falls, with the engine light on. During which time the Temp lit never turned on. We explained our situation and experience with Charlie’s to the Service Manager. He had never heard of the dry/cracking spark plug boot issue and said that seemed strange. 8-Aug Keith received a call from Falls Motor City to say that suspected the issue was that the cylinders were warped. Keith gave his approval to tear down the engine in order to for them to confirm their suspicion. 9-Aug Tear down reviewed that the cylinder heads did warp. But they had to wait until the insurance inspector came out to check out their findings. 13-Aug We received refund cheque from Charlie’s Dealership. 14-Aug Keith received a call from the insurance inspector asking detailed questions regarding the accident, the car’s prior maintenance, and what happened with Charlies. The insurance hadn’t seen the second repair for Charlies since they did it as ‘warranty’ work. 15-Aug The insurance inspector called to say they would cover the cost of the repairs. 22-Aug 5:00pm got the call from Falls Motor City to say the car was ready. I picked it up and it runs great. We are very pleased with them. 38 days later Very Very upset with Charlie’s We made 2 trips to there (2 hours and 10 mins each way) to pick up my car that we were told had been test driven and was working great, when it wasn’t working at all and wasn’t even close to being fixed. We feel we deserve some compensation for their failure to fix my car and to have us drive all the way there not once but twice and it still not fixed. very happy with Falls Motor City. They figured out the issues right away and made sure the car was working before returning it to me. I will be going to them when my lease is up in 6 months. Please respond with an acceptable solution thank you Cindy Bergoch [protected]

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