Chuck Carlson Auto Sales

Chuck Carlson Auto Sales

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Published: 11 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This is my first car when I first put a payment on the car and was able to drive it home it was already acting up. I didn’t I know these problems would continue to happen, I asked the owner Chuck who had the car before me and he said 1 other owner but they could not keep up with the payments. But as I continue keeping the car and fixing on the broken parts I realize the person that had the car before didn’t want the car because it was in bad condition. Which brings me to my point in saying Chuck lied to me he sold me a car he knew had many problems but continue to sell it to customers. I have got my car fixed one time from them and when I came in to pay for the labor I asked him what did your mechanic fix he said I don’t know it’s fix right that’s all that matters… | Which I believe is unprofessional I have always played my bill on time faithfully, my bill is due every week on a Saturday but I pray on Fridays because that’s when I get paid he even said it himself that I was one of the best customers I was happy about that but what I’m not happy about is how he treats me in giving me no real knowledge about the car and lying to me On why the previous owner did not want to keep the car. I had to find out half way threw paying the that it was trash but he continue to take my money I’ve played over a thousand dollars just on payments but not including the work I’ve had to get dome in order to keep the car running…Please can anyone help???

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