Church of Satan

Church of Satan

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Published: 07 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik Leader of Theistic Satanism I have noticed the rebirth of the Church of Satan but is it a real rebirth or just a afterbirth? You have probably one of the most cowardly leaders, who couldnu2019t drive a lawnmower providing commentary in Peter Gilmore (notice I donu2019t recognize his High Priest title). With connections to some of strangest people in Atheism dressed in Halloween Costumers are parading around in an insanity called Modern Satanism which pins itself on the idea like Howard Stanton Levy or also known as Anton Szandor LaVey (notice I donu2019t recognize his title either u201cBlack Popeu201d) as to elevating oneself to a God or Satan in their u201cmisguidedu201d interpretation of Satanism. Looking back in history of the Church of Satan we see failures ranging from leadership changes to criminal acts, and associations. We have seen others bail from the Church of Satan like John Allee, Micheal Aquino, Boyd Rice and even myself back in 1997 when I started my first organization The Worldwide Order of Satanists which to this day has only been exceeded in membership by Zach Blacku2019s on-line bulletin board and forum called Satanic International Network. I noticed that they seem to hate Zach, speaking of the Church of Satan that is, but I am sure the cowardly Peter Gilmore speaks not too kindly of his master, me! I can clearly see the new Church of Satan is centered for failure, coming fresh from a bankruptcy and into a very different fire, a place where now the rival to La Vey and the Church of Satan has reentered the Church game, with the first effort of church foundation underway, thatu2019s me and rest assured this now becomes interesting and recall the has padded its numbers and of course its story, so I am sure with the rebirth now they will claim people like Jay Z and even maybe Marilyn Manson will come back, who knows. So are you a Real Satanist reader? Or are you an Atheist in a Halloween Costume? Well soon if you answered Real Satanist, we re-open and we will restore the Kingdom of Satan off-line and in Satanu2019s Honor. And just as the Church of Satan will charge membership, we also charge membership it allows our survival and efforts, as nothing in world that is free has no value! But as always even in bankruptcy and beyond you retain membership, and so did I, I never went Church Bankrupt I saw all of the upheaval coming and adjusted my plan. So when you choose a Church or Temple of Lodge remember past success drives all futures so if you are serious, we do not want anyone but those who are Theistu2019s and dedicated to Satan. We will teach you for real, magic, practices, history but you have to commit and become a member. COMING SOON WE RETURN Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik

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