Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre International

Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre International

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Published: 04 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I am no longer involved with the Church of Scientology after 30 years of being a member. The Church of Scientology Celebrity Center refused to refund $13K that I paid to them in advance for various services that I did not use. They told me this money would be automatically refunded if I choose to discontinue being involved with them, but that is not so. They now say that any refunds of monies paid in advance are only done at their discretion. There are many other things I have discovered about this group that I was not aware of during the time I was involved that I feel anyone considering becoming involved should know in advance. These things are: | The Church of Scientology is not what it appears to be – on the surface, at first impression, the buildings are nicely kept and decorated, the staff are cheery and the courses and counseling can be life enhancing… but all that glitters there is not gold… | Before you pay them any money to enroll in their services learn about the consequences of the legal paperwork they will require you to sign before they permit you to begin any of their services: scientologymoneyproject.… | Learn the truth of how impossible it often actually has been for many people to get any of their money back from this church when, down the road, the Scientology program ends up not working out for them: | scientologymoneyproject.… | Also, learn more about the Church of Scientology’s history of criminal activities (which they tend to flatly deny, or blame it on the psyches if you ask them directly), for example, being found guilty of breaking into government offices and stealing government documents in 1977 and the incredible illegal measures they took to harass journalist Paulette Cooper:… and… | The Church of Scientology might tell you that the “Guardian’s Office”, which was run by L. Ron Hubbard’s wife – Mary Sue Hubbard – was discontinued years ago, but in fact it still goes on – The Church of Scientology’s “Office of Special Affairs” took over the spying, harassment and smearing activities the church to this day continues to run using a multitude of ongoing tactics, private investigators, attorney’s, etc. designed to smear, intimidate and silence critics and ex-members. See this video of the church harassing ex-member Mark Rathbun and his wife outside their home with their “Squirrel Buster” tactics:… | Read the email Debbie Cook sent out January 1, 2012 to Scientologists describing the current mismanagement of the Church of Scientology:… | Hear Debbie Cook’s testimony under oath in a San Antonio courtroom about her experience while in the Sea Organization at the Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization in Clearwater Florida:… | Read Mike Rinder’s blog: | Learn the 20 reasons why this group can correctly be called a cult and a fraud:… | Learn the truth about the actual educational, family and and military record of L. Ron Hubbard – the founder of this church (it’s different from the over the top glorified version you will be presented in Hubbard’s books and lectures and in the L. Ron Hubbard Life Exhibition):… | Read the book “Going Clear” by Pulitzer prize winning author Lawrence Wright: |… | And/or see the HBO documentary movie based on this book also entitled “Going Clear” by academy award winning director Alex Gibney:…and | Hear what Leah Remini has to say about leaving Scientology after being involved for 30 years:… | Church of Scientology will say it’s the evil “psyches” that are behind all these “attacks” on “their beautiful church”… show you their “Freedom” magazine version of how evil everyone that has ever been critical of them is .. Have you to tour their “Museum of Death” where they show themselves to be the only hope… However, the Church of Scientology does not permit anyone with a diagnosed mental illness to participate in their religious activities | Counseling and courses based on Hubbard’s writings are available – usually at lower prices and higher quality, delivered on your terms and your schedule…

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