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Church Of Scientology

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Published: 05 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I bought the book Dianetics, the Modern Science of Mental health 30 years ago. In that book a most desirous state is offered; the state of clear, and it can be achieved in very few hours. Any where from 30 to 200 hours of therapy. It sounded too good to be true. A clear has no neurosis psychosis, psychosomatic ills, it promises higher levels of efficiency and even speaks of improved longevity as well as freedom from cold and matters of broken bones and the like healing in one third of the time. I pursued the state of clear finally achieving it in 1989, only it was not as promised, in fact it was hardly any different to how I was just prior. There were ups and downs on the way, but not the promised result. When I mentioned this I was told I needed to do OT III. So I went and did those levels up to OT III. I mentioned I had difficulties, I was told the answer was to do OTIV. I did, that was awful. After a couple of years I was sold OT V, then I got into weird mental difficulty and was sold OTVII, which should have only taken a couple of years, (‘only’) 15 years later I was still on it and having to report to Clearwater every 6 months, each time I went they had ambushes to sell me something else or get me to donate to various things to help mankind. All in all the experience cost my wife and I around $1.2 million and gave them an in to torturously interfere with our lives, Matters of where we lived, how we interacted with each other became a matter of interest to this insidious cult. Still today the results promised in Hubbard’s first book have not been achieved. I wanted my money back and was refused. Avoid at all cost.

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