Cindy Petty Keen

Cindy Petty Keen

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Published: 06 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Cindy Petty Keen is a breeder, and I use that term loosely, in Bath springs, Tennessee. She has not personally screwed me over, though she has cause a lot of hurt on a couple dear friends of mine. The first buyer, Kim: Kim bought a puppy from Cindy and not even 7 days later the puppy was diagnosed with Parvo. The vet had confirmed that this puppy was sold before 8 weeks old, was never given shots nor dewormings. This puppy had to stay at the veterinary hospital and died while in their care. The second buyer, Marrissa: Marrissa bought a puppy from Cindy and 3-4 days later it was diagnosed with hookworm. This buyer’s veterinarian also confirmed that the puppy was sold before 8 weeks (estimated 5-6 weeks). This same buyer went back to “save” her puppies littermate. The second puppy was bought and the day she brought him home, he had a “cold”. The puppy was diagnosed with Parvo. Not even a couple days later and the second puppy died. In both situations, the breeder has said that the illnesses did not come from her house. She refused to refund or replace – not that anyone would want a replacement, seeing as how three puppies in these two instances were sick upon selling. There’s also been other complaints of worms and coccidiosis, although, no other deaths that have been brought to my attention at this point. Her vet records consist of a handwritten “record”, no sticker labels from the shots you can buy yourself, and no confirmation from a vet either. She also refuses to give out her veterinarians information, if that doesn’t throw up a red flag, then you should probably re-read that. No reputable breeder will sell sick pets, nor will they hide their veterinarians information if asked. This lady also has 30-50 dogs, she has about 3-4 per 4×4 kennels. Another red flag. Needless to say, CINDY PETTY KEEN should NOT be breeding. She’s breeding multiple sick dogs, and does nothing to better the breed. Puppy-miller, if you will. I have contacted CKC (She uses their registry), USDA, HSUS, and Animal Control. I will continue to call, write, and email until something is done about this so-called breeder. Please heed my warning, do not buy from her, and do not send anyone her way. You are asking for troubles. Cheap puppies = Sick puppies, and you’ll end up spending more in vet bills than you do on the dog alone.

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