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Published: 08 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

This trainer is very public about her abilities. Pushes herself off as one thing and is not anything like her descriptive portrayal. Stabled at this boarding facility years ago. Cindy would insist she could do one thing, charge you and not finish the job. If confronted would get very angry and unprofessional. She then would turn everyone against you. Basically making it an unbearable place to be. I would call it BULLYING! She takes complete advantage of anyone that will allow her to run over the top of them. Owner of the facility have been in a hard place with her for years. Cindy Branham has 3 kids and likes to use them to manipulate the owners. From what I understand now she now having her son work with the horses she has in for training instead of doing it herself. So make sure if you are thinking of hiring this rip-off trainer who is training your horse. I read the other article on this site and felt I also needed to make the public aware of the dangers of hiring this trainer to do anything with your horse. She is forceful, disrespectful and down right mean to the horses. She has a couple of articles that give good reviews of her training but remember she is a bully and these people stable there and would probably like to continue stabling there so they must back her up. No one that currently stables at this facility would dare go against her or they will be ask to leave or made so uncomfortable they will choose to leave soon after. All I can say is Be Very Careful. Not a good trainer, Not a good person. Pretends to be “Godly” but again false. If she looses she cries to get sympathy, throws a fit and then becomes scary unprofessional. STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS FACILITY AND THIS TRAINER. .

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