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Published: 19 January 2018

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Circa 400 Apartment homes (owned by Wesley Apartment Homes) will not treat their residents as anything more than brainless piggy banks. I was a resident at their Northridge Road location for roughly two years, and during that time, had more apartment management trouble than I have ever had in the past. The previous owners, Lakes at Northridge did a decent enough job, but the minute that Wesley moved in, things got nightmarish. In the event that your vehicle’s tag is even a day late being renewed, residents would be wise to park somewhere off of the lot. Your car will be towed, and it will be towed far away. Circa 400 does not use local towing companies, instead they opt to have it taken twenty to thirty miles away. So in addition to paying the tow fees, and the ad valorem taxes, one must also pay fifty dollars for a taxi. This warning applies to both visitors and residents. Water bills and sewage. Roughly six months after Circa 400 bought the property, they implented a new water usage tracking system via a third party that was supposed to increase the accuracy of billing. The property had notifications posted in many areas that only hot water was going to be charged. On first thought, that sounds like a great plan, residents can cut back on their water consumption and save a couple dollars a month. Unfortunately, the amount that residents ended up being billed is apparently an entirely arbitrary amount. After I was repeatedly billed roughly time and a half what I had been paying for water previously, I decided to check my usage myself. The third party that Circa 400 uses cannot be contacted, there is no physical meter residents can read themselves. Upon asking Circa 400 management about this, I was told that the third party they use is only for billing. So how then, was my usage being calculated? I decided that for the next four weeks, I would use plastic utensils, and do all of my showering at my girlfriend’s house. Read: no dish water, no shower water, very limited toilet water. At the end of four weeks doing this, I was surprised to find that my water bill had gone up! In addition to water billing scams, residents are charged for trash removal. Again, this a common practice; however, Circa 400 Apartment homes seem to empty their one dumpster when they feel like it. It is not uncommon for this dumpster to sit unemptied for weeks at a time, literally overflowing with vile reeking trash. The main kicker is that even after all the towed cars, the fraudulent water billing, and a host of other senseless charges, they will absolutely not negotiate with residents if the resident is found in breach of contract for any reason at all. For almost two years, I put up with their outrageous “”antics”” and continued to have my rent in on time every month. When the time to move out finally came, I get a letter citing my over $550 in “”stipulated damages””. When I attempted to negotiate with them, the head office (Wesley apartments) replied that there would be absolutely no leniency for any breach whatsoever. Renter beware when dealing with Circa 400. They will attempt to charge you the absolute most, while doing the absolute least to make your stay a pleasant one. .

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