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Published: 12 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

7-22-4 I purchased a new stereo system (radio, speakers,wiring, and parts and labor. I bought the Cityadvantage protection plan) so I would be covered in case of a failure. 9-21-5 I had it at the Florence Circuit City store because the right rear speaker was cutting off and on. CC insists it is not the wiring, which I wanted him to check. (you always check the wiring first). I knew that. Why didn’t the other 8 techs know this? They insisted it was the radio and that is the first thing they do. 9-29-5 The radio came back. Sure enough, there wasn’t anything wrong with it.Now the tech tells me it is the left speaker and replaced it without checking the right rear speaker! After a couple days, the radio would randomly shut off and on. Probably because the wiring to the speakers wasn’t wired correctly. 10-28-5 I went back to CC in Florence. They said that they checked the wiring and it was ok. But I didn’t see them go in the trunk and check the wiring to the speaker. They ran my stereo for 45. min. and it didn’t shut off and on. Why, because it only does this in motion, not standing still. Thanksgiving Day I had a dead battery. 11-29-5 Dissatisfyed with Florence, I tried Eastgate. They couldn’t find anything wrong. They didn’t check the wiring to the speakers. 12-4-5 Same as the other times. 1-3-6 Western Hills CC.They said the radio had to be sent back to Sony. I told them it was just back at Sony and came back with nothing wrong. I tried to communicate with them that it wasn’t the radio with no luck. 1-13-6 The radio came back with nothing wrong with it.Steve the manager said he didn’t have the time to work on it.(What happened to : at my convience?). This is a breech of contract. Steve said to bring it back tommorow. 1-14-6 I went to CC the morning it opens. Techs said Steve wouldn’t be in until noon. They said I should make an appointment because he would have to take everthing apart. (this was my appointment)! Another breech of contract. During all this time of running around, I emailed customer service about 4 times, it could have more. They were all form letters with the same answer. 1-15-6 I emailed BBB. BBB forwarded the email to Richmond Virginia. 1-30-6 I received a letter from BBB asking if I heard from CC. The answer was “no” of course. After 2 months, I finally got a message from BBB. They must have given CC the wrong info because CC responded “I have reviewed the information provided. I apologize for this situation . (how does she know what the situation given by BBB, which was wrong?” Our records show the Sony stero was serviced twice,once a no defect was found and the stereo was cleaned. This does not qualify for a replacement. (who asked for a replacement?) “No joke d**k Tracey!” I didn’t want the radio fixed, I wanted the right rear speaker fixed, as I said so many times ago. I took my old Delco radio to Queen City Radio and I am having it installed. All of that will cost me $333.00 plus new speakers, $95.00 apiece for 4 speakers. As a reference the installer at Queen City Radio, openned the trunk and knew right away what was wrong with the wiring. All of this could have been prevented if the tech. in Florence would have LISTENED to the service I wanted. Betty Cold Spring, KentuckyU.S.A.

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