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Published: 19 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

The Cisco DPC3010 cable modem that I bought new about 9 mths ago will not power up anymore. I called CISCO, and they said that they stopped supporting home use devices 2 yrs ago, and that I should call Linksys, because Linksys supports their home user market. I explained that the modem doesn’t say Linksys anywhere on it, but they insisted that Linksys support would help me. I called Linksys, and Linksys said I should call Belkin (because Belkin bought Linksys). I called Belkin, and Belkin said they have nothing to do with Cisco. I called Cisco back and explained my situation again, and the support rep said I was probably sold a used modem. I then asked for a supervisor. The supervisor told me that the place where I bought the modem from is not an authorized Cisco dealer, and that the item I bought was not meant to be sold to the general public because they are made for cable service providers. I mentioned that there are several local computer stores listed in the authorized dealer section of the Cisco website who sell the modems, and asked if maybe she was thinking of the DPC3825 (which is not listed on their website, and is carried by cable service providers). I was told that none of the products made for home users are supported or warrantied and even if I had bought the product from an authorized dealer, they could not help me, and suggested that I seek assistance from place where I purchased the modem. I then called one of the local computer shops listed as authorized dealers on the Cisco website, and they verified that they could sell me the same modem, but they would have to order it because they didn’t have any in stock. Just to be clear, this is a local computer shop who is an authorized dealer, and is selling the modem to people directly, they are not a cable service provider. I asked them about their store warranty (10 days), and then I asked them about Cisco’s warranty. They said that they were not sure about Cisco’s warranty, but they would check into it and call me back. When they called me back, they said that Cisco apparently does not offer a warranty, at which point I told them my story. After hearing my story, the owner of the shop (which will remain unnamed) stated they will no longer be offering Cisco home user products to its customers. As previously mentioned, I will never buy a Cisco product ever again, and will share my story with others whenever possible to prevent them from having the same awful experience.

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