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CIT Group - Consumer Finance

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Published: 08 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I purchased a camper in 1999 and the company that sold it to me went out of business one and half years later. I was laid off and called CIT to inform them that I was unable to make a payment on the camper. They immediately starting calling after the payment was late and refused to listen to my story. I was so nervous about this because they were so rude that I re-financed my home to make a very large payment. The payment never showed up and my credit was ruined and showed the payment rising with higher interest rates tacked on. I dumbly re-financed one year later to get them off my back. They even contacted a family member and hounded her even though the account was paid. And the same problem happened again. The camper was paid but they never acknowledged it. I have not heard from them in over four years, because the account was, in fact paid in full, but because they did not acknowledge payment it still shows on my credit and I cannot obtain a clear title in order to sell this recreational vehicle. In fact, as nice as this camper is that I purchased, I can’t stand looking at it some times because of all of the aggravation with this company. This company is not only crooked, but they are rude on top of that. They are an awful, awful company. The camper I paid $10,000 for initially really cost over $30,000 with the two re-finances I dumbly did just to get rid of their rude phone calls. I was plain dumb but I felt forced. I also did not want it repossessed for fear it would hurt my credit, which they managed to do anyway. Now with the economy the way it is I can’t even sell my home to downsize because I’m overextended from re-financing twice. I shouldn’t have done that but I at least thought I could sell the camper and recoup some of my losses. But I can’t do that now either. At one point I finally asked them to re-po it because they were driving me so nuts, and believe it or not they hung up on me. I think the whole company is crazy.

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