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Published: 05 February 2020

Posted by: Stewart

1. I received a mail from my original mortgage lender-Citi Mortgage at the beginning of November, which stated they sold my mortgage to Nationstar and I will be contaced by my new lender. None of the terms will change. 2. I did not receive any official written document from Nationstar un to Nov 10th. I only received a phone call from Nationstar customer service rep. who was trying to persuade me to make phoe payment only. With so many fraud, Nationstar does not seem to understand it is not a good way to start business with NEW customer. 3. I later went on Nationstar web site to verify details and realize that there will be some convenience charge if I agreed the phone charge during previous phone call. With the grace period expiration day (11/16) approaching, I immediately check into on-line payment options on Nationstar site. 3. The payment options are confusing. Under Payment opiotn of “Auto-Pay Direct Debit”, it links directly to Western Union site. However, when I checked FAQ section to make sure no convenience charge involved, the setup method of the same “Auto-Pay Direct Debit” becomes -printing the form and send to Nationstar Attn: ACH Processing. Confused by the 2 different direct draft payment directions, I called Nationstar customer service to get clarified. Unfortunately, I called twice but none of the reps can answer my question. The first rep. thinks the convenience charge will be waived if I setup recurring payment through western union link under “Auto-Pay Direct Debit”. The 2nd rep. insisted to follow the mailing method, which will take 30 days to get setup and the grace period will end on 16th, which is only 6 days away from today. 4. It is understable that Mortgage firms will purchase and sell debits to each other regularly. However, this transaction is really sloppy-there is no consideration of customers. My Nov bill was issued by Citi Mortgage, but Nationstar stated that the payment shall be made to them while offering confusing payment options/direction and no bill was received so far. My new account number with Nationstar was only informed by the customer service on the phone tonight. It occurred to me that all payment options on Nationstar web site involves some kind of convenience fee except check mailing. The “Auto-Pay Direct Debit” option shall be free of service charge as a common sense, but it is very unclear if there is a fee or not if I follow the link and process through western union??? Have Nationstar trained their reps using their site and talk what they know instead of repeating the training manual? I spent more than 2 hours tonight to verify this loan transaction and my payment options, but still have no conclusion. I am very disapointed about both firms’ inconsideration.

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