Cititrader - or how to get scammed in just a few easy steps by snake oil salesmen!

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Published: 22 August 2017

Posted by: Gordon S. Messersmith

First of all, I am the biggest idiot here. I listened to a friend of mine who always has some new scheme to get rich. Him talking about finding some great place to deal with binary options trade should have been a red light for me…but no.

Anyway, I got a link to some binary option customer testimonial video where ˝Josh from Cleveland˝ discusses how great it is to invest with And it’s all fun and games, professional tutors, great platform, easy for beginners etc…

So I decide to give it a try, nothing fancy, minimal investment. After my first inquiry via email, I got a fairly fast response (sure, they are fast when they smell a new victim). The guy’s name was Dave, and he looked like a real pro! What I hate about myself now is I felt I was talking to a snake oil salesman but did not listen to my gut.

He advised having an online conversation where one of his ˝highly professional analysts/traders˝ will explain every single detail to me. How to make 500 dollars to 1500 in just a few days and take control of my financial future! The hook was real… So was my idiotic desire to make easy money!!!!

Cititrader has a sweet story on how to try stock market with no broker’s fees, unnecessary documentation, or exorbitant commissions. Dave claimed they upgraded the system recently and therefore a great platform for people with no experience.

So, got into the conversation with an “investment specialist Danna˝, and invested 1000 dollars as a test trade. I was prompted to invest some more to double my chance for profit as the opportunity was great, and was explained that all initial loses will soon be compensated and any future investment will be worth the risk.

I listened to their advice and tutorials, but soon realized these con artists don’t have a fricken clue how to do any actual business. Well, except bleed dry the accounts of their ˝valued customers˝.

With them, binary options have nothing to do with trading, it’s a gamble, or to precise, you have more chance to strike a jack pot on a slot machine than strike rich with these criminals.

A couple of the trades they suggested were a complete bust and I was literally robbed of my money. A week later they stole from my debit card. When my bank sent for a charge back, they outright sent fraudulent documents to them, showing they had paid me already.

So, I had my account noted for withdrawal and I managed to get ˝Danna˝ on the chat again, asking why my withdrawal was not initiated. THIS BITCH said they would look into it. The day after, they start trading again, and they seem determined to bleed my account dry, and not repay anything. AN ABSOLUTE CRIME!

So I tried one more time. I asked them to withdraw my money, they said that the withdrawal was accepted, but I still didn’t receive my money. They gave me fake documents as a proof, with no name, no card or account number.

Shit then hit the fan!!!! I called them a bunch of criminals and threatened to sue. These fuckers asked me to show them my bank statement to prove that I never received their money, and I did so. It was clear as day I got just one payment and that was from my firm, but they outright LIED that this deposit is made by them, although that payment was 4 days BEFORE liars even agreed to return my money.

When I confronted them with evidence they just said that they will give an answer in a reasonable time frame, but, till today, no answer. They did not answer any of my emails, no chat lines. Numbers disconnected

Citrader is a scam, a fraud. They will work ever so hard to get as much money from you as fast as they can before you realize how they do business and that they have no intention of ever making you any money!!! I even suspect those trades are actually a front to transfer my money into their private accounts.

Did some online search about them (should have done that before investing) and found out that they just rob people and then change the spelling of the platform/site.

HOW on earth is possible that these people are not in jail is beyond me.

These people are thieves, liars, fraudsters and the lowest form of life.

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