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Published: 16 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Leslie I must admit that your response to my claim really upset me but it wasnu2019t unexpected. I went through the same situation with Hurricane Matthews with Florida Peninsula. They advised me to get a place to stay when I did, they used the Flood word and denied my claim. We went to mediation they offered me peanuts for Loss of Use and other damages, I declined and turned it over to my attorney for lawsuit. We did settle and it included the loss of use you insurance companies try desperately to hold onto. It was built into my policy, I paid my premiums without dispute living up to my side of the contract. They didnu2019t exercise good faith and I sued them and won. I then fired my agent,and all the companies involved in this fraudelant scam. Now I went with USAA and they assured me that I would be taken care of for no matter what reasons my home is unfit to live in I would be receiving Loss of Use up to $42,000. Oops , another insurance lie ,misleading the policyholder again. USAA pasted me onto 1st Street Agency,Luis Valdes my new agent who sold me a worthless policy with Citizens Insurance. Which I understand is a Florida Owned Agency who does this crap to all Floridians. Im sure I will have to file for mediation and then let my attorney go after your company because this was Wind related, not flood. The first field adjuster, David Shewey was made aware of my respiratory condition and allowed 7 days loss of use in a motel. Jackie Hamlin also allowed loss of use because of the same reasons. Now Leslie Glade denies Loss of Use because she discovered the word Flood in her vocabulary. Mr Shewey admitted in front of my Restoration Manager, Jeff Bergman and I that my home did receive wind driven damage to the sliding glass doors, my master bedroom furniture, fireplace and roof. My pool was filled with lumber from other neighbors docks which blew over my fence into my yard. Not from the flood I remind you. My glass doors was beaten and flexed to the degree water entered through them,,wind driven rain. My pool equipment was damaged from boards hitting them,my digital timer was beaten, my light on my patio was awesome damaged. My pergola was moved 5 ft and the rood of it blown off. So tell me I didnu2019t have wind driven damage. My chimney was fine before the Hurricane Irma, we have plenty of before and after pictures to prove that claim. I cant live in this home because its unfit to live in because of Wind Driven Damages. I have no kitchen,bathroom, mold and mildew has set in, I cant breath this without becoming sick. Yet your company even after the adjuster admitted responsibility sends a engineer out to discredit my claim. Is this how you treat Veterans ? Or do you try to chisel us all from whats ours? You will pay an engineer money, when this goes to mediation youu2019ll pay a legal representative to low ball me, then you will spend money to hire attorneys to try to screw me harder. Wouldnu2019t it be better if you just did whats right and take care of your policyholder and the contract we agreed to rather than screw us and expect us to come back smiling. Im not smiling and Iu2019m not going away. Governor Scott,Florida Insurance Commisioner,Florida Attorney General just for a start is getting a formal complaint filed against Citizens, 1st Street Agency and a copy of this letter sent to USAA to let them know how your treat their veterans. I want Leslie Glade off my claim because she believes this is coming out of her pocket, I want a second adjuster and review because this isnu2019t right and given in good faith. IM ALSO REQUESTING STATE OF fLORIDA MEDIATION BEFORE I TURN THIS TO MY ATTORNEYS.

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