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Published: 28 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I was offered a special bank account through a company which they told me was US Bank (which turned out to be a company called “Payment Concepts”). They did NOT tell me it was NOT a checking account. They did NOT tell me the trouble and aggravation I would have to go through if I wanted to access my disability money. They also said their fee would be 25% of my first check. Time went on, at a snail’s pace. I could not help but feel that CD was dragging it’s collective feet on this case (after all, the longer it is delayed, the bigger their cut). Well, by the Grace of God my disability was approved in short order (because my case is THAT serious). As I began to inquire about benefit funds and the “Payment Concepts” bank account, I discovered that I would be issued a “debit card” only, NO CHECKS of my own to write to pay rent and bills, but that THEY controlled everything and if I wanted a check I had to call them and ask them. WOW! Oh, but wait, it gets better… I spoke with Social Security. An unnamed source informed me that these disability advocates “hijack the claims”. I was exceptionally distraught at that point. I called CD to inform them we really needed to part ways. The representative on the phone told me “You didn’t HAVE to register for the bank account. You could’ve said no.” How about THAT for customer service? I WAS IN THE WRONG apparently! Now, the good news is, ALL THESE CALLS ARE RECORDED by CD for “quality assurance”. So I am ever so delighted that they can go back and listen to their very own lies and deception and I will be proved right. Lo, and behold as I searched throughout the internet. .

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