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Published: 17 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

We purchased our car on Sept. 10, 2019 and the dealer used “Citizens One Auto Loan Services”. We made 3 monthly payments of $500 (each 21 days ahead of the due dates) online through their “AutoPay”. All payments made online were credited immediately. | We called Citizens One “Pay Off” number (which by the way, there is only one phone number that you can reach them by for Automated System, Customer Service and Pay Off information), to request the TOTAL Pay Off amount which was quoted to us as $24,354.63. We asked if that was the total amount that would forgive our loan and were told YES. | We made our final payment online, as we had each of our 3 other payments. Our last monthly payment of $500, which was not due until 12/25/2019, was made on 12/04/19. The Pay Off amount of $24,354.63 was made on 12/12/2019, well before the 12/25/2019 due date and the beginning of the January 2020 billing period. | Strangely, it did not credit to the our account until 12/16/19 – through no fault of ours. We kept watching the account for the FINAL payment to clear. The payment was made “in good faith” and in accordance with the instructions of Citizens Ones Pay Off Department. We could and would have simply transferred the money to them if that would have been an option given to us, to avoid this “Bogus Fee” That money was in our account before we made the online payment. | Now they are sending us a bill for an additional $31.29, and holding up clearing the Title to our car. No letter of explantion, simply a bill for “interest”. Interest on what??? A paid paid off loan! Classic bait and switch. | We called and spoke with “Mat”, the manager and he first says that it is “part of the principal” , then he says it is a fee for a “10 day Fee to allow for processing time” on our final payment. Our paperwork , as well as the information given to us by their “Pay Off” Department does not substantiate this charge. There was never a mention of a additional fee by the Pay Off Department, nor is there anything in writing in the contract. | All “Mat” would do is take our complaint on how this bank?? handles the and stop them from adding interest to this “BOGUS FEE” We will be filing complaints with the Attorney General’s Office for the State of New York as well State of Rhode Island’s Attorney General.

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