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Published: 17 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Wow, and I glad I researched this company before signing up! | I’ve helped people transporting things many times using connection sites which do not take a percentage or charge other fees, and had great expereinces. I travel a lot with empty space and thought Citizen Shipper (CS) might be a great grass-roots way to expand the “win-win” for everyone. | 1- There are mixed reviews about the site and providers who list services on the site from consumers and providers. | 2- One indicated they cut and paste ads from UShip to flesh out thier ads. I did look on UShip and there are some copy and pastes, so this might explain some of the complaints about lack of replies to ads by service providers (becuase they list on USIP, not CS), which is disengenuous and serves no one in the end. | 3- So, I did my “due dillgence” and Googled complaints and there were quite a few. I found replies to only 2 by CS at 2 different sites (other than this one or thier own) about poor/nonexistent customer service. The replies by CS did not attempt to address the complaint, were argumentative, deflected responsibility, one included threats and neither offered an apology for poor service. The second review did the same, minus the threats, and stated thier “customer service person had just gone on maternity leave,” and they were “backlogged and were working as fast as they could to get to everyone.” The time and effort to produce both of these replies (in a public forum) could have been used to address the issue and was not, and there was no subsequent attempt to resolve the complaint, as any professional who cared about thier reputation would have done asap, indicating they are likely a small operation lacking Customer Service skills. | 4- As I perused the page to become a provider, it required that I enter my SSN and valid credit card (the instructions stated it was for alleged backgroud and credit checks), there was also an already checked box stating “I agree to the Terms and Coonditions.” Since they’d not been provided, I clicked on the link in the menu to find out what they were. I read through about 12 pages of fine print. Only in the fine print was there was there mention of a monthly “subscription” fee that would be charged to my credit card and there are a number of other questionable fees…including that I agreed to pay them a $1000 fine for each negative review and threats of legal action for “defamation and loss of business.” and the usual you get 30 days for free and can quit any time after that,” which is the structure of almost every online subscription, but there was no email or phone listed in the fine print or anywhere on the website. I was reminded of how much trouble (and expense) I experienced with a couple of companies who kept on charging me for “subscriptions” even after I called and emailed to cancel. Even a small claims suit costs hundreds in filing fees, so was less expensive and more efficient to cancel my card and deal with the inconvenience of trying to get my bank to refund me the charges for unused services. There are companies who bank thousands a day on conduct like this and no one does anything becuase of the added expense of filing interstate lawsuits, and the unlikelihood of that happening, so it is very useful to read every contract and understand it before you agree. | It is also definitely prudent to research any company that asks for your personal information, and any service provider to see what thier track record is. All of the above are red flags which inspired me not to sign up or give them my personal financial information which are required to be a provider or a patron of their “service.” | Every start up will have mixed reviews. Based on the text, this company began operating in 2009, so they’re 7 years in, and many complaints are from this year. Very established companies have mixed reviews too, but you detixify them by addressing them politely, professionally, fairly and productively, right away, especially in a public forum. I used to train people in customer service who worked for service-based companies for face to face, virtual, and phone contacts, and they would have failed thier training had they responded as Cititzen Shipper did…and threatening people with fines an lawsuits for exercising freedom of speech is not just unprofessional, it is illegal and amounts to bullying and lack of accountability…which supports the reasons for the negative reviews. | Whether you are a huge corporate entity or a small home-based virtual operation, you have to conduct yourself in a mature, respectful, legal, and professional manner or you are doing a disservice to everyone, including yourself. | Hopefully this review will help protect other honest consumers and service providers and this company get thier act together in a positive way.

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