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Published: 22 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Can’t believe I have to give a star to leave a review, first off, ten dollar minimum for credit cards even on a mile long trip That totaled 6.45. When I told him I would run up to my place for cash he said OK, when I came back with a $ 100 bill he said he only had $70 to offer,( even though I saw him put some money back in his pocket to make it look like he had less change then he led on) as change to which I replied I will go to the bank and get change then, he then told me he would need to start the meter, that’s when I asked him to pull over and I would walk. He got angry, but I continued to the bank. When I got to the bank I took out a twenty for him went to the liquor store and got change. The cashier gave me two fives and four two dollar bills, I then gave the driver seven dollars, this is when things got ugly, I did not think he deserved a tip for a few reasons, when I originally presented my credit card, he insisted I pay with cash, then gave me tons of attitude when mentioning the credit card minimum, furthermore I was lucky enough to be called every variation of the “”N”” word a total of 18 times, during this the driver tries to provoke me to hit him, definitely an ulterior motive to try and get money out of me. I called their dispatch furious, and let them know exactly how I felt, it doesn’t seem like they really care. This guy should be fired immediately, and the staff should be given a real lesson on damage control as this review will be posted everywhere that will have it. BTW Cab number was 7241. .

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