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Published: 01 October 2018

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I paid a great deal of money to have dental work, a root canal and crown performed by Dr Emmons and Dr Nguyen. The crown was ill-fitting and was uncomfortable and caused much pain over a 2 year period. The crown always hit other teeth and was miss-aligned with my bite. The crown appeared to be oversized in my mouth and the mechanics appeared to be very ill-fitting like a clown’s tooth. I had several adjustments done by Dr Emmons and Dr. Nguyen that were lengthy sessions of grinding down on the crown. When Dr Emmons and Dr Nguyen did this grinding procedure, which was not just a slight adjustment, but hard and lengthy grinding of the crown. Both Dr Emmons and Dr Nguyen would just then send me on my way with a large rough spot on the crown where the grinding was done and which felt uncomfortable in my mouth. Never did they mention that the crown could be improper and be replaced with a new crown. My last session of grinding was when I was again experiencing severe pain from the tooth with the crown. Dr Nguyen’s solution was to grind the crown again. This resulted in grinding through the crowns porcelain down to the base metal of the crown which was exposed in my mouth? I could not believe that a professional would do this? This procedure again did not correct the problem and I was still in severe pain and my mouth/tooth was infected. I than returned to City Square Dental, at this time they diagnosed another tooth a being the source of the pain (not the tooth with the crown) and recommended extraction of another tooth by an oral surgeon. When I went to the oral surgeon, he diagnosed that the infection was the tooth with the City Square Dental crown. I had a severe infection in my mouth and which was the tooth with the ill-fitting crown, not the tooth that Dr. Nguyen recommended for extraction. It took me several weeks to recover from the infection and now I am missing a tooth which I believe was caused by City Square Dentals procedures. I than proceeded to speak with Both Dr’s Emmons and Nguyen. Dr Emmons blew me off and I did speak with Dr Nguyen about a refund of the poor dental work. A few days later I received a letter that they were dropping me as a patient.

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