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Published: 16 December 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

CKY Books is the complete definition of shady. This book buyback company is a fraud and is to be avoided at all cost. They will quote you one price and pay for only half, lying about the status of books your ship in. This was not a one time deal for me, this is the third time they’ve done it and I’ve had enough and seeing as no one has reported their illegal practices, I decided it’s time to warn anyone who sells books of this horrificially shady company. They tell you that the book has water damage, which you can’t disprove that it got so from shipping. But on the last shipment I taped every crack up to ensure no water got in. So instead of water damage, now they claim the book was missing pages and provide pictures of a ripped page in the book they claim is your book. But wait it gets WORSE, neither my wife or I smoke but amazingly a book I sent in (bought new and never left my non-smoker house) was marked off as smelling of cigarette smoke. And a book on tape amazingly was missing part of the content. MAGIC! When I called them out on their BS, especially the smoke odor which is impossible telling him that it must be gremlins, their account manager and villiage idiot Todd Bradley replied like any lying corrupt business man would with the following email… “Hello again. I think you might have hit on the answer! That was probably the same gremlin who chewed a hole in two pages of that Marketing book. It was probably his “after meal” cigarette that caused the odor. This could possibly be the same foul creature that swiped the book that went with “Energy Anatomy” which you insisted was present in your first email. Twas very likely this same gremlin or one of his evil brethren who loosened the binding on “Erak’s Ransom” causing page 31 to mostly fall out. Maybe a whole gaggle of gremlins has infested your home, defaced your books, hidden your eyeglasses so you can’t see what they are doing, plugged up your nose so you can’t smell and robbed you of your reason? The Gremlin Solution is a much more likely answer than you simply made a mistake – or maybe this is a conspiracy and CKY Books and company are intent on bilking you out of $18.88. Now that your account is permanently banned from our site, I refuse to take responsibility. It was one of your gremlins that stowed away in the box of crappy books you sent us. Sincerely, Todd Bradley Accounts Manager CKY Books” Professional huh? I’ve been selling books for years but only with one company BookitBuyback. Where I have never been scammed ever in all the years I’ve done business with them. Only losing 25% for books that I bought without dust jackets. I expanded who I sell to and this was clearly a HUGH MISTAKE. This is the bottom barrel scam book buyback sites you’ve heard about and try to avoid. Unprofessional, con artist, ripoff, SCAM, company you’ll ever have the misfortune of doing business with. Still don’t know why he bothered to ban me as I told him in 2 emails that I would NEVER do business with them again and after this email which is clearly the response of a liar caught in a lie and just trying to get me to go away. Worked well for them huh? They deserve no business and I can’t wait for one day soon down the road to see them out of business thanks in a small part to me geting the word out to all of you. .

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