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Published: 09 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I know personally he has had at least 4 homes that have liens on them now because after 7 months of customers complaining of work not getting completed he cons the roofing company to do the work and they build the job. then tells the roofers that he hasn’t gotten money from homeowner when he did receive it months prior. the roofing company then puts the lien on the homeowner for non payment. and he has walked away Scott free. so this is why the first company was dissolved”all claims consultants” and now has opened under the name ” claims consultants” he has been doing this to homeowners for years!! its sad that these people have to go through hell at their expense. oak brook ” peter meyers” I’m here on report a company now using the name ” claim consultants” previously named all claims consultants!! The company is or was a one to 3 man business who mainly deals with storm damage to home’s. On many many occasions they will go door to door telling home owners that they have storm damage when the only damage to their home is being made by him. Then the insurance company pays for replacement. When the homeowner get check from insurance company he will tell them that he needs to pick up the first check. They don’t know any better and sign it over to him. at that point the work should be done within a few weeks at most. Unfortunately for the homeowner they will wait for months and months and end up with a lien on their home from the actual roofers who put on roof because they were told that the home owners hadn’t paid him yet. When he had been paid months prior. For example a dear friend of mine had his roof paid for from the insurance company and not knowing the friend signed over the 16 thousand dollar check. 7 months went buy and still no work had been done. At that point Mr meyers was spending my friends money for vacations and other leisurely things!! After 7 months my friend then wanted his money back when he had every right to money back. Mr meyers had 90 days to do work. With legal threats and many arguments my friend gave into his scam once again. Well at this point he got the roof built to just stop the headaches. Well a month later the roofers showed up at my friends home looking for payment! So Mr meyers told the roofing company that he had not received payment from homeowner yet! When he had gotten the money 8 months prior!! So the roofing company put a lien on my friend home and several others he had done the same thing too!!! To me that is fraud and stealing money from homeowners and insurance company. I witnessed this all first hand. I feel horrible for these homeowners that now have liens on their home’s while this man is vacationing on their money! It needs to be stopped!

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