Claire Whittman and Charlotte Evans

Claire Whittman and Charlotte Evans

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Published: 31 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Repeatedly guaranteed that spiritual work that was paid for would unite my soul mate and I | Claire Whittman kept finding reasons to ask for more money saying this was the last time, it went on for 3.5 years | Called me at work demanding money for urgent work that had to be done | Manipukated me into giving money for personal use and to bu6 clothes | Recruited sister Charlotte Evans to continue her scam and false guarantees when sh3cwas not available | Told me her colleague is mor3 powerful than an angel and could fix anything, it didn’t work and cost me more money | Used gypsy skills and manipulation tactics to prey on my weakness (love for my soulmate) | Told me telling others would ruin her work’s power | Threatened to destroy the spiritual work if I told anyone about it

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