Clarence's Auto Service

Clarence's Auto Service

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Published: 18 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I warn evryone who is thinking of taking their vehicle to Clarence’s Auto Service FOR ANYTHING. I would not ley him or any of his mechanics touch my vehicles from this date forward. I purchased a vehicle recently from a Dunnville dealer. Prior to picking up the vehicle, the dealer had the vehicle safety inspected by Clarence’s Auto Service in Dunnville,Ontario, Canada. During the Christmas week we used the vehcile to go to New Jersey to see our grandchildren. About two hours into the journey I started to loose control of our vehicle but I managed to pull it off the New York Thruway. I determined that I had a problem in the front driver’s side wheel. I was able to get to a garage where the mechanic should me the problem. He pointed out that the front wheel was ready to fall off due to a faulty Hub Bearing.He also stated that this should have been spotted at the time of the safety check. He also stated that if I had continued any further on the thruway the wheel would have fallen off thus causing loss of control and possible persinal injury or fatal death. I had the hub bearing replace which cost me a pretty penny. When we got home from vacation I pointed this out to the dealer who stated that he would called Clarence Auto Service. I informed the dealer that I wanted compensation for the cost of the part and the labor. In the end, Clarence stated that they WOULD NOT PAY NOTHING and gave me some bullshit excuses about the type of steel they used to manufacture this part. BULLSHIT..BULLSHIT. SO readers, pass the word on, DO NOT TAKE YOUR VEHICLE to Clarence Auto if you live in the Dunnville Area.

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