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Published: 19 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I responded to an ad o Craigslist for a sales Operative position that stated you would have a guarantee of $10,000 a month and they were only looking to fill 10 spots So I called the contact in the ad and spoke to Zach the sales manager. He encouraged me and said that i would be making 7 or 8 sales a day at $200 commission for sale. He also stated that i would only be working a few hours a day and that there was lots of room for advancement in the company. I stated that it sounded to good to be true but he assured me if things didn’t work out that my money would be refunded no questions asked and that a training webinar would start on the following Monday . I stated that with that statement i would move forward and pay my $200.00 which I did. I then never received any info on the training webinar as to when, where or what time the webinar would be so I sent emails to all asking when it would take place. After a time with no response to these emails I called Zach and he said that they were really backed up but that I would get the info. I finally got the info and attended the webinar that following Monday and ot that there were 44 people on the call not 10 like it said in the ad. During the webinar Isaac berated his sales manager Zach which I found rather cruel. He also promised leads by the end of the day to all of us so we could start making money. He also sent out another email with a welcome packet and the emails title stated “INVITATION FOR COMMENT”. I had a few questions after i submitted my SS# W-9 and BANK ACCOUNT INFO for direct deposit as to why we were never sent any leads and when was I ti get them? I also tried to call Zach but his phone was disconnected, i then called the main office number on the website but it was disconnected also. I sent off a few more emails asking what was going on. I then got this email from Isaac…. Termination Isaac Clariti Thu 9/20, 12:50 PM You;Devon Clariti ([email protected]); Steve, You have done nothing but whine and complain since you came onboard. If you had any idea what a miracle we pull off by setting up and launching a 50L a day lead gen system for each of the 50 people a week who come on board you might have a little more respect. I for one am tired of it. We are bending over backward to get everyone live as fast as possible. That being said, we donu2019t tolerate negativity and disrespect from operatives. Especially, those that have yet to prove thrmselves. Zach and I have decided to remove you from the program, effective immediately. I am instructing our accounting dept. to process a refund of your setup fees to the card on file. Effective immediately you are removed from your position as an Operative. We hand you guys the keys to the kingdom on a silver platter and you want to bellyache like we owe YOU something. Sometimes it pays to move a little slower. It allows negative people such as yourself to show their colors. Next time youu2019re given an opportunity, donu2019t spend the entire first week bitching to the top company execs to tell THEM what THEY are doing wrong without knowing sh* about what goes into it. Youu2019ve cost yourself millions. Best of luck. May the next life changing opportunity move at the pace you require. Thank you. Isaac I responded apologising, Isaac, Oh no I’m so sorry, I was not trying to come off negatively in any way. I want you to understand from my point of view that I have been burned many times paying money for a job. Therefore when I get no response from emails, texts and phone calls I get very concerned. I am not a negative person but I am very put off by your response but I get that you are under pressure as I’ve been there before. I’m wanting to move forward as I believe in the concept. I bring 35 yrs of highly successful phone sales and will be an asset to the company. And again I really sincerely apologize for any misunderstanding and I do hope that we can move on as a unit and we can move forward. Steve I have not received a response from Isaac, Zach or anyone else from the company and as of today 9/24/2018 not a refund either.

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