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Clark Tire Service

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Published: 28 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

WARNING TO THE PUBLIC: BE AWARE OF THIS SHOP! I purchased two used tires from Clark Tire Service on Clark Street in Chicago around November 2006. The very next day after purchasing the tires -while driving on the expressway and 45-55 mph speed limit – my car just starting to shake – I had purchased tires from this store previously and knew that their tires weren’t all that good but I was unable to purchase new tires at that time and thought the used ones would last at least a week. After I noticed my car shaking uncontrollably – I heard a loud “pow” sound and the tire completely exploded and I was driving on my rim (keep in mind while on the expressway) of course I panicked and began to grab the steering while out of fear for my life I was shaking terribly because my car was swerving into ongoing traffic at a high speed. To make a long story short – the tire logs were screwed in so tightly that the locks on my wheels were wedged into the rim. It cost me over $250 dollars for a tow – sawing of the locks off the rims – $50.00 for a cab, 2 days off work and I can’t begin to tell you about the mental and emotional abuse along with the nightmares I am still experiencing due to this. Since the accident I have started to experience pain in lower back due to the twisting and turning of the steering wheel to keep my car from being knocked off the expressway and thrown onto the ongoing traffic. After what I experience Mr. Jose Chacon owner or manager of the shop – refuse to reimbursement for a red cent! He only replaced the tire and thought I was going to just walk away and brush the matter under the rug because I did not run to the emergency room and/or obtain an attorney right away to try and sue him. I tried to settle the matter with a reasonable reimbursement of my tow and time off work. But guess what – he hired an attorney claiming I had a piece of metal in my tire. What a jerk! Please public be aware of this shop – DO NOT PURCHASE TIRES FROM THIS SHOP! I have since gotten signed letters from neighbors and people in the area I see going to purchase tires from this shop and have warned them of what to expect. I have written MSNBC and Chicago Tribune and that’s only the beginning for me. I have also contacted attorneys who claim I should have gone to the emergency room right away – but I was not thinking about suing or running to the emergency – I did not see any blood or bruises. All of my pain is within! Now to this day I have terrible backaches, headaches and nightmares, a stiff wrist from twisting the wheel and more. Clark Tire Service is a low down dirty tire shop that operates a dirty and cold shop and doesn’t care about the consumers who purchase their tires. It’s a shame that you have lose your life or get seriously injured in order for someone to say “okay, lets do something about this business.” My life was spared and I am truly truly grateful. But, I REFUSE to let this tire shop continue selling tires like this. I have 12 letters from people who have purchased tires from this shop and have had similar incidences or tire rotting or flats overnight while the tire is parked and etc. This matter will not be swept under the rug! Mr. Chacon should have contacted me to at least say he was sorry about the exploding of the tire and to see if I were okay. He never even returned my phone calls – he hired an attorney. Now, doesn’t that sound like a guilty person to you? I don’t have an attorney. CLARK TIRE SERVICE IS AN ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT EMPLOYEES SHOP WHO DOESN’T CARE ABOUT THEIR CONSUMERS! I WILL SAY IT AGAIN! DONOT PURCHASE USED OR NEW TIRES FROM THIS SHOP!!! BE AWARE! TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW. Marilyn Chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.

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