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Published: 21 March 2019

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I’m currently in the middle of a nightmare trying to recover my car from this crook. I stored my classic car with JR Aschenbrener for two years while I was out of the country. He consistently charged my credit card $160.00 per month. When I returned to the states and tried to get my car back JR had completely disappeared. All three phone numbers he provided were disconnected and all email addresses were closed. Even the phone number my credit card co. had associated with his monthly charge was disconnected. My car had disappeared along with JR. After two weeks of searching for JR I came across this “Rip off Report” website, and found another complaint for JR and his company “Classic Car Storage Los Angeles”. Only than did I find the email address “(email address removed by admin)” which was never given to me. Finally JR responded with an explanation that he had been physically attacked months earlier and his current commercial landlord had evicted him from his auto storage facility. He informed me that my car was still in his care but was at a new undisclosed temporary location. He also stated that his access to my vehicle was very difficult and limited. I currently have no clue as to the condition of my car, what type of storage facility it has been in at for the last two years, or if I will ever get it back. I asked him why as his customer I was never contacted about any of these changes? I asked him how was I supposed to find him and recover my car? I asked him why he continued to charge my credit card but neglected to ever contact me about all the changes to his business? He had absolutely no answers for me. To me it was obvious, He hoped I could not find him. I informed JR as soon as he finally contacted me that I had cancelled as many back charges as possible associated with his company. Once we finally connected, I re-instated all back charges with my credit card company. I’ve had JR on the phone with my credit card co. confirming that all funds have been credited back. The funds have cleared and are back in his account, yet he still will not return my car. The funds were credited back to JR on Dec 10th 2014, and this criminal still has my car. He does not answer my calls or email me back. Now I have to file a stolen vehicle report with the LAPD, and retain a personal property attorney. This nightmare continues… Looking back on this experience there were some tell tell signs that I should have paid more attention to. JR seems to play a shell game with multiple companies, phone numbers, and email address’s, making it next to impossible find him. I believe this is intentional to make it incredibly difficult to track down your vehicle. My original paperwork was for a company called “Auto Drive ‘N’ Ship” in Fontana, CA. His current company (That was never given to me) is “Classic Car Storage Los Angeles” Notice that there is no physical address for this business anywhere to be found on his current website – www.classiccarstoragelosangeles JR Aschenbrener – Current info “Classic Car Storage Los Angeles” 3407 W. 6th St. Suite 525 Los Angeles CA 90020 (213)948-9712, (213)738-9189, 1(800)522-2288 was previously disconnected, recently reconnected. (email address removed by admin) JR Aschenbrener – Obsolete info “Auto Drive ‘N’ Ship” 9043 Lemon St. Fontana, CA 92335 (951)741-4255 1(800)522-2288 (email address removed by admin) JR Aschenbrener – Obsolete info “Auto Driveaway Co.” 3407 W. 6th St. Suite 525 Los Angeles CA 90020 (still current business address) (323)666-6100 (email address removed by admin) If I ever get my car back, I will post an update on this report. .

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