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Published: 01 October 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

On or about March 28, 2018 we entered into an agreement with Classic Country Land LLC to purchase Lot 12 on a property in Shannon County, Missouri called Green Mountain Ranch. We made a down payment in the amount of $300 + $299.00 processing fee. We payed roughly $300 a month each month until we decided to move to the property on June 2016. The prior weeks before leaving I spoke with Classic Country about the property being accessible, with overgrowth cut down and we were assured that it would be. (I have E-Mail correspondence documenting this). After this we were repeatedly assured verbally that the property would be accessible and growth would be cut down. We traveled from Pittsburgh, PA to the Missouri Property on or about June 17th 2018 and upon arrival to the property, we were approached by several people living on surrounding lots that were unsavory and created a bad environment for my kids. We want to build a homestead, not live in a shanty town full of drug addicts. We could not find Lot 12 at first, even with help from people with maps who lived on the surrounding lots. When we finally located the lot, the access road was so overgrown it didn’t even look like a road (which was why we couldn’t find it). Even cut down, the road could barely be called a road and the Lot was completely overgrown. Classic Country failed to make the property accessible as agreed. That coupled with the type of people living there created a situation where we were forced to leave and drive all the way back to Pennsylvania from Missouri. On or about June 21st, 2018 we called Classic Country and told them that the conditions of Lot 12 were unacceptable. The land representative “Jenny” stated that we could transfer the amount paid for Lot 12 (around $4500) to another property and would have to pay an addition $299 for processing. We decided to give it another chance and chose two possible properties in Kansas and Oklahoma. We were told by “Jenny” that the property in Kansas (Cowboy Meadows) was more private, flatter, and more easily accessible. “Jenny” also stated that the same type of unsavory people would probably be on the Oklahoma property so Kansas was an all-around better bet. She assured us we would be able to camp on the property while we were there looking at it. We made plans to look at the Kansas property to see if we would like to purchase it. Again, we were told that the property would be made accessible before we arrived. We traveled four days from Pittsburgh to the Kansas property and upon arriving there, we found that there appeared to be no safe access to the property as a whole because of the overgrowth. We were driving an off road vehicle so we traveled the overgrown access road according to the plat map on their website. Within minutes our vehicle became stuck on a boulder that could not be seen because of the overgrowth. With Heat Wave temperatures in the area, we tried to call a tow truck and could not get any help. The police couldn’t even come out because they did not know where it was. I contacted Classic Country and left a voice mail explaining my situation. The land rep called back, and I explained the situation: the “roads” were not accessible, we couldn’t even camp for one night because of the overgrowth (I have a picture of my Jeep on the property that shows how tall the vegetation is), and our vehicle was stuck. Classic Country provided no solutions and basically said they didn’t get around to getting it done. We eventually got the vehicle out, and my wife and step daughter walked the area to find the parcel we spent all this time and money traveling to see. The grade accessing the lot we were interested in was steep and the road completely overgrown, despite them assuring us that it was flat, and despite pictures implying same. It was not flat, not accessible, as claimed by the land representative who recommended this property. We ended up with vehicle damage, two nights at a motel because of this, and hundreds of dollars in gas for both trips to find property that was unusable because Classic Country did not keep their word. The next day from a motel in Kansas while waiting for the severed brake line on my Jeep to be repaired, I contacted Classic Country. I apologized for my tone while speaking with them the day before as I was upset, and asked for a refund of the money I have paid to them since March 2015. Classic Country offered me another property, stating that they would not only credit what we’ve paid ($4500) but also the interest paid ($750). I stated I did not want another property, that I wanted my money back because the properties were misrepresented and they were useless to me because the company did not do the things they agreed to do. The land representative refused to take what I was saying seriously, saying they were not at fault. She stated that it is in the covenants for the property that we must maintain the access roads. I responded that all we were doing was trying to look at a different property because the first one we got from them was unacceptable. We did not own anything there and were bound by no covenants. The land representative flat out stated that we would not be getting our money back. She stated that our only options were to take another property or give up the Missouri property, but that we would not be getting a refund. At this time, I stated that I would contact an attorney if they continued to refuse my refund. The owner, Scott Wigginton, then got on the phone and stated that I will not be getting a refund, nor am I going to sue him and the only resolution was to take another property. He then tried to sell me other lots. I restated that I didn’t want another property, I wanted my money back. Scott then proceeded to say I was acting unreasonable and ridiculous. I repeated that I will get an attorney if I have to and Scott stated he will speak with the attorney then. We have not had any further contact with Classic Country since. We have sent a formal letter requesting a refund, as well as filed complaints with the Texas AG, the BBB and the Federal Trade Commission. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Refund request letter (copy): Jenny, et. al; This is a formal written request for a refund of all funds paid to Classic Country Land LLC by me since March 28 2015. These funds were paid for Lot 12 on the Green Mountain Ranch property in Shannon County, Missouri. Reasons for this request are as follows: 1. Photographs used to represent properties are obviously outdated and do not depict them as they appear now. Properties are so overgrown as to be unrecognizable. Lot identification signs are often not visible because of overgrowth or are missing. 2. Descriptions and plat maps very clearly imply that nearly all properties are accessible by roads, either County or private. This is not the case. Many properties are not accessible by reasonable standards. Roads are overgrown, dangerous and not accessible for all vehicles. Descriptions often do not mention this. Overgrowth is not only dangerous for vehicles because you can’t see what you are driving over, it is also a fire hazard. The hot exhaust system on a vehicle can ignite overgrowth, causing a fire. 3. Company repeatedly made offers and verbal agreements that they did not follow through on. Specifically, Company offered to have Lot 12 on Green Mountain “bushhogged by the guy on Lot 10” but did not do so. Company later offered to have Lot 17 in Kansas bushhogged before we visited it and did not do so. Company also reassured us that we would be able to camp on the properties. We were not. Properties are so overgrown that camping on them is not reasonably possible. 4. Green Mountain Lot 12 was impossible to find, even with a map and the help of people who live there. Access to it was dubious at best, even with a 4WD vehicle. A cabin could never have been brought there. Company never made this known. Property as a whole is a shantytown for drug addicts and objectionable persons. 5. Company offered us another property after we made it known that Lot 12 on Green Mountain Ranch was not acceptable (on or about June 20 2016). We decided on Lot 17 in Kansas after it was recommended by Company. We were told it might be a little overgrown but that it would be cut down before we visited. After driving from Pennsylvania to Kansas, we found this had not been done and there was no safe way to see the lot or even enter the property. Even still, our vehicle was damaged by the unsafe “road” when we were attempting to leave. This damage included a severed brake line. 6. We decided we no longer wanted to keep giving money to a company that does business this way. Upon asking for a refund of money paid for land we cannot use, Company attempted to browbeat us into agreeing to – and paying for – a contract for another property. Company states this is the only resolution they are prepared to offer, and that if we will not take another property from them, our money is gone because they are not refunding it. When I stated that this is not an acceptable resolution, I was called “unreasonable” and “ridiculous.” Company did not appear to ever take any of this seriously at any time. Owner of company was rude and unprofessional, insulting me repeatedly. This is not an acceptable resolution for this situation. It is unreasonable and unethical to hold someone’s money hostage in an attempt to force them to give you more money for something they cannot use when they’ve made it clear they are no longer interested in doing so. A copy of this complaint has been sent to the Attorney General of Texas, the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission’s consumer protection department. If this situation cannot be resolved professionally, additional steps will be taken toward a satisfactory resolution. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. Please find attached a picture of my Jeep stuck between Lots 20 and 21 on the “road” in Cowboy Meadows, Kansas. Please forward this correspondence to your supervisor(s). Regards, Brian H

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