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Classic Tube

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Published: 02 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This company makes custom and matching original brake lines for a variety of autos and trucks. I split a brake line on my truck recently, and it was in such a place, that I would like to not have to worry about it splitting again. I phoned Classic Tube for a new set of matching original lines. They said they did not have any lines for my vehicle at that time, but if I would like to send them my original lines, they could make new ones from my patterns. I got my old lines out, and although pretty rusted, I managed to tape and keep them together pretty good. I shipped my lines in a long box to them on Sept 18,2001. I recieved a phone message when I got home from work on friday the 21st, there was a message from Tom stating that they recieved my lines and wanted to discuss business concerning them. Since it was late on friday when I got the message, I waited till monday morning to call him back. On monday the 24th when I called, Tom said to do the lines how I wanted would be $xxx.xx. I asked if that was taking into account that I had sent the lines for a pattern and they had told me my lines would be done for a discounted price. Tom asked who I spoke to earlier about that. I didnt have the information on me at the time, so he took my work number and said he would call back shortly. I asked about using my lines as a pattern, and he assured me that they could. About a half hour went by and Tom phoned back, saying that the price was not negotiable. Since they had my lines and I had no pattern to make new ones, I agreed in order to get my truck back on the road. I recieved my lines on the 28th and they only fit so-so. I thought about checking theyre web site to see if they have lines for my vehicle now that they had my patterns. They did not. I have a 1990 Chevrolet 3/4 ton 4×4 – and I sent the last two parts of the front to rear lines (rear most parts) and the two rear lines. The rear most part of the front to rear line is what split, but the center (longest) piece was rusted badly. They did use my lines, because theyre off just slightly. I got my lines, but not break for supplying them my patterns. If you need lines, I would suggest one of the other two companies that do this – not classic tube.

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