Claude Jackson Jennings

Claude Jackson Jennings

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Published: 14 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Claude Jackson Jennings IV. “Jack”. He is not to be trusted. He contacted me to launch and run a charity for him. I never got paid, for my work as Executive Director, and when I mentioned it to him after I was not paid for a months work, he got angry. He gave me access to his credit card to purchase things for the charity, and then when the card was declined he never paid the the company from whom things were ordered. As soon as the bank account for the charity was opened, he told me my services were no longer needed. There was no reason for that except, for the fact that I did all of the leg work to launch the charity, and as soon as he could control monies that would be coming in, he didn’t need me any longer. He will tell you that he has connections to help the charity, but when you ask him to verify those claims, he disappears, then when he reappears he has more lies to tell to string you along. I believe he was trying to launder money in the name of charity. He has local business people give him things, and discount things because he tells them it is for charity. This guy needs to be stopped. He has said that his daughter is a lawyer, when really she is a food service worker. He will tell you he was John Travoltas pilot, lie. He will tell you that he is the official caterer of NASCAR, again no he isn’t. He is a liar. He says he is a Vietnam vet… I do not believe that either. Claude Jackson Jennings IV… Scumbag, thief. Mr. Jennings has been notified not to do anything in the name of the charity any longer, if we catch him continuing to represent us, we will press charges. Do not trust this man.

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