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Clay Cooley Automotive Group

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Published: 17 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Do not shop at Clay Cooley! Not only are they con artists, but they are complete liars and salesmen with no morals. We have a toddler and a newborn, and like some people, have “less than perfect credit.” We called Clay Cooley and they assured us that we were approved for a car loan with no money down and low payments. Just a hint: If it sounds too good to be true, IT IS!! We called ahead of time (10 minutes before we arrived) to the Buick Pontiac GMC lot and asked if they had any USED 4×4 pickups on the lot. They said they had 2 4×4/Z71 pickups on the lot. Then we asked if we needed to get pre-approved before we arrived. The “sales manager” we spoke to assured us (this makes twice) that we were already approved with no money down–regardless of our credit situation. We arrived on the lot and were not allowed to park our own car. They made us have the car valet parked–so we couldn’t leave without asking for our car keys I guess. It was really hard trying to unload a baby, diaper bag, and accessories while cars behind us. Then, when we arrived, they had to run our license number and socials before we were shown what they had on the lot. When we looked at the used trucks, there were absolutely NO 4x4s or Z71s on the lot. When we told the salesman that we had called not 10 minutes ago and asked if those trucks were specifically available and were told they were, his explanation was that they must have been sold already. There is no way that both trucks that they claimed were on the lot were sold that quickly–in a 10 minute time span. Then, a “sales manager”, showed up and told us that it was his duty to make sure we didn’t leave without a car. He then told us that we were only qualified to finance this one particular truck on the lot–a grey Silverado with generic wheels, no power locks or windows, and absolutely no features. We were not interested and wanted to leave, when magically there might be another truck we were qualified for. They pulled out a 2008 truck with a few more options that we were pretty satisfied with. Then came the paperwork. We filled out not one, not two, but three credit applications because–and I quote–“the finance manager tore up the other credit applications.” Okay. Then, after making sure all of the proper documentation was given and the applications were all filled out, we waited at least an hour before asking what the hold up was. We were then asked to sign a piece of paper stating that if they get the “numbers” right, that we would do business with them. Another 2 hours went by before we were given any sort of update–“we’re trying to make this work”–and finally offered a beverage (our prize for putting up with all of this BS). Then, at almost 9:00 p.m., we were told that the banks weren’t responding to our $1000 down and $400 payment plan, and they would get back with us on Monday. Sarcasm alert: Who would’ve thought that a bank wouldn’t respond on a late Saturday afternoon? Aren’t most of them closed by 4 or so anyway?!?! I decided to follow up with them on Monday afternoon, since I had not received any updates from anyone at the dealership. The secretary who answered the phone put me on hold 3 different times for over 15 minutes, even after me asking her not to for the third time! We still have not heard the status of our loan. However, we will not be doing any business with this dealership EVER again!! Con Artist–and Liars–and Immoral People 1)Telling people there are specific cars on the lot that are not there–just to get people to come to your lot. 2)Telling people on TV commercials, on the phone, and in person that they are approved for a car loan with no money down regardless of credit. 3)Making you sign a piece of paper saying that if they get the down payment and monthly payment right, you will do business with them. 4)Preying on innocent people who desperately need a vehicle just to make a commission! The whole experience still gives me the Heebee Jeebees and we will not be doing business with this company. They should not be allowed to run false ads on the television or give people false hopes about getting a vehicle. I urge you not to do business with them as well. C.A.G. South of Dallas, TexasU.S.A.

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