Clay Cooley Of Weatherford

Clay Cooley Of Weatherford

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Published: 13 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

In Feb my husband and I went down to the Weatherford locations to see about a a vehicle that was listed on the internet that we had qualified for on line. After calling and talking to the sales person about the car on line telling them all nessecary info and getting the approval we took a trip to the Fort Worth location where the car was suppose to be at for me to pick up. When we arrived we where waited on and told our story to the sales person, he informed us that the car we where talking about was still at the weatherford location and that they didnt move the car there because they were sure that we would show so that the company wouldnt be out the money for the relocation, so even though we were upset we drove to the Weatherford location to get the car. Once we arrived it took us HOURS to get the help, once we were waited on, lol, we were told that the car we were talking about couldnt be financed. Even though we had been preappoved for this car they couldnt inhouse finance because the mileage on the car was to high. So we looked around we found another car that I liked its a Dodge Neon 2002, we signed papers that day and were told that I could pick up the car the following day because it needed new tags and there shop was closed ,Id be the first thing done that next morning. The next day we called to see if the car was ready, it wasnt infact it took them right at a month of fixing and repairing one thing after another. On march the 18th we where told that the car was ready, we went down picked the car up noticed that the simple things that we requested weren’t fixed…I called the company and they transfered my call the the shop they ordered the parts but it took them another month to recieve the parts. Meanwhile, I made my payments of 385.00 a month on time. The day my first temp plates went out I called to see if they were in. Since this isn’t my first time to by a car I know that they should be sent to the house I shouldnt be having to pick them up, wondering why I haven’t received them I called . The manager told me that some how the green sheet that they send the State of Texas in order for me to receive my license plates had been misplaced in fact my whole file was missing, and apaulagized he informed me that I would have to come back to the dealer ship and have my car reinspected so that the greensheet would been sent and my tags received. Now then I went though this ordeal again but instead of it being the dealerships fault the second time they said the State of Texas never received the green sheet and it had to been lost in the mail. So i went back. Its now 6 months that I have owned this car and still no licence plate, I have gone though 3 different sales people, 4 different finance people at this location had to explain my story each and everytime, been told that I had to call the dallas office for them to tell me its not there problem that since I bought the car at Weatherford I needed to start there . This is only half the problem not only have I not received the car plates but they have me in there computer that Ive had the car since Feb and are demanding that I make another payment they say Im behind, after explaining to them that they had the car in the Weatherford Dodge house and I didnt have the car nor a loan car from them that I was in my car that I traded in, which was paid off, I dont owe them crap. Much less they misspelled my name wrong they have the wrong date on my payment as well the little problems here and there. The major problem is the plates and title, I have been pulled over by the cops two times for expired temp licience plates, I have received warnings and a ticket because when the police run my vin, info shows nothing, the last policeman being so nice explained to me that with no info showing that the car could actually be stolen. The only thing that saved me from going to jail was my insurance and my copy of the contract showing that Clay Cooley of Weatherford was basically sitting on there *&* placing the blame on the State of Texas. I cant do anything about it and with this run around everyone I talk to tells me they can’t do anything about it they only can keep giving me different people who supposively can help so I keep calling and leaving messages…pretty soon I will have talked to the whole staff Weatherford and Dallas locations trying to figure out why a car that is being paid for can’t manage to receive its tags and plates. If this keeps up Im going to have to take the dealership to court to straighten up this mess. Im running out of time and have very little patience left. Everyone that I have talked to after getting the car said that they have also heard horror stories about this dealership. If I would have known this before getting the car I would have tooken my money and car to a different dealership all together. I traded in a 95 Ford Explorer that was paid off and gave 500 down. My car has since been sold and they have no records of the 500 down that I placed. The financial guy that helped told me cash would be easier and faster for me to get the car (so stupid me) went to the bank ,gave the cash so that they wouldn’t have to wait for the check to clear and the car would be ready the next day. I should have known better but I trusted them since they had been in business since 86. Brenda bedford, TexasU.S.A.

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